Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Angel Food Ministries Revisited

You may remember a while back I did a post of Angel Food Ministries...well I picked up my basket and started to dive into the food and so far the results are pretty good.

On Saturday we grabbed our empty laundry basket and our printed receipt from our online purchase and headed to the church to make our pick up. Pick up is limited to one hour so get there on time otherwise consider the money you paid a donation because your food will be given to the needy.

I arrived at the church with my wife; this is not our church so we are not real familiar with it. There were 0 signs anywhere...but somehow we made it to the back of the building and found where we supposed to go.

The setup is simple, show your receipt and head to the various stations and pick up what you purchased. Make sure you know how many and what type of units you purchased. Stuff gets tossed into your basket pretty quickly and the wife and I gave up trying to keep track. We took all of our food and headed to the car to inventory. Be advised they do substitute without warning...several items I was supposed to get were substituted with alternate items. The food is frozen and appears to have been handled safely.

We got home and put everything away...to be honest we have only tried the bacon and eggs, as well as a peach pie...and you can't really screw those up if you know what I mean. The bacon was a brand I never heard of and was quite good. It fried up crisp and straight (nothing annoys me more than curled bacon that is half crisp and half fatty uncooked chewiness.) It was probably some of the best bacon I have had...not too salty and pretty tasty, even the wife commented and she isn't a big bacon eater.

Eggs are eggs....they were fresh and unbroken.

The peach pie was the frozen kind you toss in the oven like Mrs. Smith's, it was good; what can I really say about it besides it tasted like peach pie :)

We have a ton of meats that we got but have not tried yet...I will let you guys know when we do BUT so far it appears this was a solid deal and we plan to purchase again this month.

...that is all.

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  1. We tried the Angel Foods ministry locally and were very disappointed in the quality and taste of their meats. Basically we're choking the stuff down because we hate to waste food. Their packaged goods otherwise seem on a par with house brands at discount stores.
    I haven't done a line-by-line comparison using my price book, but my feeling is that you could get better quality for the same or less money shopping at Aldi, if you have such near you.
    My step-daughter kind of went overboard with her first AF order and she says it's a good thing she likes lots of BBQ sauce on her food.
    Just a word of caution - try it all before you buy more.

  2. I volunteered with Share Colorado for a couple of years and have to agree that the meats were the worst part of the food provided. Produce was usually fine and some strange brands tasted OK but we usually gave the meats to the local food kitchen for the homeless.