Friday, February 13, 2009

I Am Off To See The Wizard...

Well boys and girls I am off to Germany for another business trip....this sucks! I hate to travel...not to mention a weekend wasted getting there and weekend wasted coming back (I have to be there 5 FULL business days).

Well the silver lining will be I like German food, so I am looking forward to pigging out on the companies dime...and then there is the German beer of course.

I will be posting but they will be erratic...six hours ahead for me there. I can wait to get rid of the jet lag!

Then the capper is I have not 1 BUT 2 connecting flights to get home....that is a headache waiting to happen.

If you travel a lot refer to my post on How To Survive A Trip To The Airport for some good reading.

Auf wiedersehen

...that is all.

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  1. Guten tag & enjoy the food.

  2. Guten Tag, and enjoy the fresh new snow that is falling in the K-Town area. It now looks like it does in the postcards. And it is fun to drive a massivly overpowered V8 rear wheel drive in this fresh snow. Hopefully you have a great rental car to slid around in.