Sunday, January 18, 2009

Survival Links: Angel Food Ministries

My wife heard about an outfit called "Angel Food Ministries" that partners with Churches across the nation to try and provide affordable food for anyone who wants it.

Here is the link: Angel Food Ministries

They have a monthly "box" for $30 bucks, you can order as many boxes as you want ($30 per) and there is no requirements to qualify. I have never done this before but me and the wife may try it for the February box. The church right down the street from us is part of the program. The February Menu is:

I have been too lazy to sit down and do the math to see what kind of deal this is, it is also hard to judge without seeing what you are getting...BUT here is a tidbit from their FAQ:

"Who qualifies?

Everyone, there are no applications or qualifications to order Angel Food.

Where does the food come from?

Our food is “restaurant grade” meats, frozen vegetables, fruits, dairy products, etc. which we acquire through our involvement with only the best producers/vendors of high quality, “name brand” foods. Never “seconds” or “day old” type products are involved."

Like I said this is the first I have heard of this but I am willing to take one for the team here. If anyone has any info on the program or has used it before please let us know by posting a comment.

Otherwise wait for February 24th, that will be when I pick up my box and at that point I think I will be able to see if it was a good value or a ripoff.

EDIT: So far the the sentiment has been this is a great I would advise folks to check it out if you haven't already!

...that is all.

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  1. A friend has been buying for at least a year now. The biggest complaint is that the boxes are heavy on chicken. The *bonus* buys are pretty good. We bought one box. The items were good but not enough for a family our size and if you are a very thrifty shopper you could do better on some items. For those who have never comparison shopped or are not devoted to the best buy it is good value. I helped sort the first time (scheduled help had been in a car accident on the way in) and was rewarded with some steaks by the woman in charge - not a usual reward. They were very tender, I don't think you buy that at a grocery store. Sum: it really depends on your shopping style. The items were name brand & not off type.

    Don't forget to take your box to bring your items home it!

  2. Thanks Stephanie, good to hear from a regular reader that it isn't a blatant rip-off. I am now certainly going to try it at least once and see how we make out.

    We are "pretty good" shoppers, we could be better so it may be a value for us.


  3. Flea, I have purchased from them many times before and it's great stuff and a great deal. Try it and I know you will go back. Really good program.


  4. I usually do this and also get on of the grilling boxes. Nice supplement to our monthly shopping needs.

  5. Get stuff from them all the time. The desert is usually a whole cake or pie. Good stuff at a great price.

  6. e have been purchasing from them since last August. Don't know what we would have done without them. Had three grown kids move back home two with no jobs and one with hours cut down to between 11 and 20 in a good week. Our other grown child who was working and going to school has also had massive hour cuts. Yet we don't qualify for any assistance because my husband makes too much money combined with my 20 hours a week and the part time income from the other two. We are barely making it but we ARE making it. The food has been VERY good and yes it is heavy on the chicken but you gotta get creative!! No way am I going to complain!! Give it a try!! Florida Mom

  7. WOW!

    I didn't know about this.

    I checked to see what the local contact is and it's the church we started going to last fall.

    Is that a sign or what.

  8. This is fantastic knowledge! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! There aren't any participating parishes near me, but that's okay - I can afford to eat. Most importantly, there *are* locations near my sister and some other (single-mother) friends. I'm definitely passing this along to them because they need all the help they can get. Thanks again for sharing this with us! (BIG HUG!)

  9. There are several programs around like this, usually called co-ops. I blogged a couple times about our local Utah one, since I love it. Great food, great prices, and it doing it you are helping keept the costs down for other members, making affordable food easier for other folks.