Sunday, January 25, 2009

Keeping Your House Plants Alive

Everyone knows it is good to have house plants. Plants in your home take stale carbon dioxide and turn it into fresh oxygen...American as apple pie...right? That is if you don't kill the buggers...I have the "death touch" when it come to house plants, and my wife is only marginally better.

You have all seen the commercials on TV for Aqua Globes...well son of a gun the science is sound as I soon found out searching on the net. Seems these globes existed well before the one sold by the folks from "As Seen On TV". The wife and I picked up a box of them at Wally World without our hopes being to high. I got them home and filled them up. I used a small stick to make a hole in the soil of the traget plant and gently inserted the Aqua Globes. We apparently don't water our plants enough as the NEXT day they were empty! I filled them again...this time the globes didn't empty completely for about 3 days. Filled them again and we are up to 5 days! I highly doubt their claim of 2 weeks between refills as I seem to have to refill consistently now at 5 days...still that ain't bad! Not only that our plants are doing great...lot of new growth and as green as the grass on a mild summer day.

There are only a few things I have found that the folks on those infommercials sell that are really worth the money (if you can get them somewhere else - the TV always sells them with a ridiculous amount in shipping an processing)...this is one of them. I certainly would not buy them from the website or the commercial...Walmart has them as well as and they are cheaper.

The science behind the globes is the fact that as the plants soil dries out gas is released which triggers the globe to release a bit of water. The process is real science and is well documented all over the net. Popular mechanics actually tested a bunch of the TV products in their latest issue. They gave a positive review of the Aqua Globes, along with another product I have used and recommend Shamwow!...I will do a review of those in the coming weeks...was able to obtain a set for FREE...can't beat that with a stick.

Here is a tibit from the Popular Mechanics Blog on Aqua Globes.

...that is all.

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  1. Two things to note. During the day (when there is sunlight), houseplants use photosynthesis and convert CO2 to O2. However, at night, they don't have the light needed for photosynthesis and they switch to respiration, where they convert O2 back into CO2. Having lots of plants where you sleep is a bad idea.

    Aqua Globes keep the soil damp all the time. This is great for some species and lethal to others. Many plants require the soil to dry out and let air circulate. If an aqua globe is used on these plants, the roots will drown/rot and the plant will die. Make sure you research the plant's species before you use one.