Monday, January 12, 2009

Having A Garage Sale

Almost everyone one I know is surrounded by crap. We, as Americans, absolutely love our crap. Sometimes the crap takes over in an unhealthy way. We judge ourselves and our loved ones and friends by what they have and not what counts. The healthy thing to do is reduce the clutter in your life by getting rid of crap.

The alternative to getting rid of stuff is to become organized. My wife laughs at me because I am so anal about being organized...everything really does have a place. It makes my life easier to know what I have and where it is and I rarely have to buy something because I either could not find the one I had or I forgot I even had it. Organization is key in that respect.

That being said there are people who still just have way to much crap. The easiest and most productive way to reduce crap is to sell it at a garage sale...let someone pay you to haul your crap away.

The first step in having a successful garage sale is to advertise. Craigslist and the local newspaper are favorites for checking when garage sales are for most folks. Get your ad up as early as possible and post it again as the day approaches.

Gather all your crap and organize it. Clean it up and test it to make sure it all functions properly. Decide on how much money you want to charge for it and build in a bit of a discount because garage sales are all about haggling on price. Make sure you label everything with price tags!!!

The day of the garage sale "early birds" will be there trying to talk you down on prices...don't cave, the day has just begun. If they really want it they will either pay or come back later on. Don't mark something $30 bucks and accept $20 from an "early bird". Make sure you specify in your ad NO EARLY BIRDS because if you don't...people will be at you house an hour before the sale even starts trying to buy stuff already....tell they to wait or come back. It is really annoying when your trying to setup and these people are already there trying to negotiate.

Make sure you have adequate change! Have plenty of singles and fives as well as coins to break 10's and 20's for people. ATM machines usually only dish out 20's and higher so expect a lot of people with those denominations of bills.

I have had people offer me ridiculous amounts for 5 dollars for a mountain bike, etc...I have actually told people I would rather set the bike on fire and dance around it as it burns then sell it you for 5 dollars. People will try and take advantage of you...if they can't bargain realistically ignore them and move on.

If you don't sell everything consider donating what you have left to Goodwill.

...that is all.

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  1. Good tips. I often tell myself I should have a garage sale but I'm a bit of a pack rat and sometimes have a hard time parting with things. One of these days I'll sell my junk I swear.

  2. 'Tis a bit cold to have garage sales in my area right now. So I'm planning for a spring sale, and starting plants to sell at it. If I get pots from Freecycle I should be able to make a goodly amount from selling those as well. Maybe I can even get the kids on the block involved in having a bake sale as part of it, and get them started as business folks!