Friday, December 5, 2008

Be Prepared: Wear A Hat!

One of the most important things you can bring into the bush with you besides a knife and a flint is a hat...yes that's right, a hat.

The old saying goes...when you are cold put on a hat.

My favorite type of hat to bring into the bush with me in temperate climates is the venerable "boonie", made famous by U.S. special forces.

There are several reasons why I prefer this hat over the numerous others out there:

1.) It is light-weight and made of cotton (not great for the real cold weather but we are talking temperate climates here).

2.) Chin strap to keep it secure on your noggin.

3.) Wide brim for very good sun protection (both sun glare to the eyes and sunburn on the face).

4.) My boonie has loops around it to insert small objects like sunscreen or bug dope.

5.) SUPER compact...when I am not wearing it it can be crumpled into a small ball and placed in my pocket or rucksack.

In the colder climates I usually prefer some kind of wool skullcap to try and keep the head warm and snug.

I must say though, head over to your nearest Army-Navy store and pick up a boonie for $10, it will be one of the best investments you can make.

...that is all.

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  1. The problem w/ boonie hats are that when I wear one, I feel like I should be telling 'Nam stories. I'm way too young to have any 'Nam stories.

  2. When I wear mine, my dad's 'Nam stories come alive through me. That's after a 12 pack or I love my bonnie.

  3. You need a boonie with a hard brim! If not the boonie then a bucket hat. I did a blog entry on this not long ago... Good to know that others enjoy the hat as well as myself!

  4. I too like the boonie. In very hot weather I soak it with water. For cold weather I like a wool hat with ear flaps. The old Woolrich visored hats that the don't make any more.

  5. The loops on the hat are supposed to be to add camoflage(?) to help keep your ass hidden in the bush, but they do lend themselves to other things as well.

  6. Yep, tjbbpqob took my comment. Those loops are meant for inserting camoflauge materials to break up your outline - buffle grass is but one example. Boonie brim depth is just right, enough sun protection but won't conceal that branch thats about to collide with your head.