Thursday, December 18, 2008

Be Prepared: Self Defense For Women

I worry about my wife. I worry when she takes the dogs for a walk at night or is home alone when I am traveling on business. Mind you we live in a very nice area but in reality that means very little. Trouble travels if you know what I mean...

My wife hates guns. One thing that is out is her learning to use any of my guns. The biggest problem is if she didn't take learning attacker could take it from her and the situation has just gone from bad to worse.

I taught my wife a few things and equipped her for the event where she may be targeted as a victim. This is mostly geared for women but hell if a bigger guy is attacking you these would be valid for a male as well.

First and foremost, my wife carries mace and a whistle. The mace is effective against most folks when sprayed directly in the face. The whistle is to blow as loud and as much as possible should some one lay a hand on her. These items are on her keychain...which she ALWAYS has. You need to have these avaialble when you need them so make it habit to carry them.

Speaking of keys...they sure do a nice job of gouging an eye. Ladies, go right for the face holding the keys so they are protruding from your fist and punch as fast as hard as you can in the facial area of your attacker.

When a lady is being attacked by a male all bets are off. The attacker should expect a brutal primal reaction from the woman. I have instructed my wife and showed her the technques need to fight back.

BITE - If a body part is within distance bite it as HARD as you can, to the point of biting it off if possible. This works great with fingers, ears and noses, among other things. This is your most effective technique because it hurts like hell and is fairly demoralizing when someone spits one of your fingers back into your face.

GOUGE - go for the eyes and throat. Use your thumb and do it it as hard and fast as possible.

KICK - women are naturally good at this and can generate good force doing so.


The biggest thing I have taught my wife if she is being attacked especially by a male, is to go for the testicles. Even through the pants this can debilitate the attacker.

Grab a handful AND TWIST as HARD as you can.

Kick them in the testicles.

Punch them in the testicles.

Unless your attacker is superman or is wearing a cup he will drop to his knees and most likely see stars for quite some time.

Do whatever you have to do to survive!

...that is all.

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  1. In the old L.I.N.E (Linear Infighting Neurological Override Engagement) martial arts combat style of the Marines we were taught grab-twist-pull to the groin to shut the brain down thru massive brutal pain.

  2. May I suggest a "Garden Weasel" for your garden tool collection. Store it on a short handle next to the bed unless hubby is there to step on it. They are very sharp and easily slice through skin - accidentally stepped on a buried prong (whatever you call one of those metal things). It sliced so neatly that I didn't notice until several minutes later, and it was deep enough to need extra attention. Good reason for careful storage - so the wife knows where it is and doesn't get hurt. ; )

  3. Just a word of advise on the groin attacks...

    I work in law enforcement, and we've had several incidents where the suspect received significant trauma to the boys. Because they were so amped up in the middle of the incident, they didn't feel any pain until well after they were taken into custody. I'm not saying it doesn't work, I'm just warning that it's not a guaranteed show stopper. By all means, try it, but be prepared to keep fighting.

  4. Good thinking: teach the women what they need to know.
    As to groin strikes, I concur with Anon2:57...have had them done in combat to no avail, but you are so right in tearing the suckers off. Don't stop with one simple attack: keep the pressure on until you can't go any more. And don't be squeamish: when you go for the eye, don't stop at the surface, pop that sucker out and stuff it in his mouth as he screams, then slam his jaw shut.
    Anything-ANYthing- going in the mouth deserves to be bit right off and spat back.
    Another good target- and don't get squeamish about it- is to run a long fingernail or two right up the nostrils and push HARD. Will seriously get someone's attention.
    Another good striking spot is the zyphoid process of the abdomen: a couple of good hits right where the rib cage opens above the diaphragm will be a positive advantage.
    Another good offense is defensive thinking. Such as kick the sole of the foot on top the knee cap multiple times: strijing it properly and tearing the cap loose will put anyone on one leg.
    Egads, I could go on and on and...
    Best advice to the ladies? Don't be squeamish about attacking someone attacking you, do all you can to keep your cool and hit them where it hurts: everywhere. Too, visualize yourself doing the techniques required, feel your muscles doing them and don't think of being repulsed by squeamishness.

  5. Another good spot is right where the neck meets the chest about an inch or so below the Adams Apple. A good Finger Jab to the throat will have an attacker gasping for breath. The spot is really sensitive and is often used in many martial arts defense classes as one of the first places to attack