Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Guest Post - Riverwalker: The New Food Crisis - "Plastic Food"

Today, once again we are blessed to have one of the great survival bloggers out there guest post on Be A Survivor. Riverwalker blogs over at Stealth Survival and continually churns out a multitude of great information. If you have never visited his site make it a daily stop...you won't be sorry.

The ability to preserve food for use during shortages was critical to the survival of everyone. Foods were dried, pickled, salted, stored in underground root cellars and fermented to allow longer usage and storage of a very perishable food supply. These storage methods have now become a huge industry which has become less intent on preserving the nutrient values of our food and more on making large profits. Their ultimate goal is now to produce foods which look pretty, smell great, and taste wonderful, and lasts “forever” on the grocery store shelf. In the search for higher profits, this has become the primary method of operation by the processed food industry. We are just now beginning to suffer the effects of “plastic food”.

Chemically tricking our senses into believing that our processed food supply is nutritional creates a real danger to everyone’s health. Artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial smells, artificial sweeteners, and other chemical substitutes for minerals and vitamins in processed food are becoming more prevalent everyday. We are being misled into wanting and consuming foods which are nowhere near anything that that could be considered real and nutritious.

People purchasing packaged food products are usually unaware of the true nature of what they are buying. They see pretty packages and colorful labels and never take the time to actually check the contents. What you see is not always what you get! The gap between the original food product and its chemically processed counterpart can be so wide as to make the nutritional content of little or no value. Without the addition of chemical substitutes and artificial ingredients, it would have little or no nutritional value.

Large companies are placing their emphasis on profits and not people. Many food additives and preservatives have as yet unknown side effects on our health and yet continue to be used regularly in our food. People need to wake-up and realize that the effects of chemically-altered processed foods can be a real danger. Foods that look good, smell great and taste delicious may not always be healthy for you.

This has also created further problems for people with problems due to food intolerance.

People with diabetes, lactose intolerance, or gluten intolerance, etc. can have problems finding foods which do not have some sort of ingredient that sets off dangerous side effects for their health. Learn to read the labels. Know what the different names for some of the chemical additives and flavorings are and know when to just leave it on the shelf.

If people stop buying processed food items that have been so altered chemically that they no longer can be considered “real” and start demanding processed food items that are healthy and nutritious, companies will be forced to change the way they are doing business. They will be forced to start making processed food items that are healthy and nutritious..

Avoid “plastic food”! Better health for you and your family will be the end result."

Staying above the water line!

Thanks RW and keep up the fine blogging!

...that is all.

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  1. Seems like everything is wanted intantly or the fast food world in many Americans home kitchens!

  2. To: scoutinlife

    The frozen dinners and microwaveable type items are really tasteless attempts to satisfy the "instant" gratification of some people's hunger. The packages they come in are pretty but have you ever taken a good look at a TV dinner when heated or microwaved? Doesn't even look like real food!

    I don't even like to think about "fast food". I tried a hamburger from a fast food restuarant (this is a real oxymoron) and the rubbery meat patty probably wouldn't have been eaten by my dog!

    You really have to watch what you're eating nowadays. Some of the stuff out there is really lousy as far as its nutrition is concerned.


  3. To: flea

    Thanks for the opportunity to guest blog.


  4. Alot of this so-called food is just plain nasty. But a generation of people have grown up on it and so think it is real food. Many actually prefer it!

  5. I've seen some of this stuff they call food after its been heated in an oven or a microwave. I don't think I'd want to take a chance by eating it. My dog probably wouldn't eat it either.

    Pass the beans and cornbread!


  6. To: survivaltopics

    BTW, Ron don't try burning this in your fireplace because the fumes may be toxic! Ha! Ha!


  7. Good read! Have linked to it: http://www.greenvilleroad.info/articles/viewEntry-00033.htm

  8. To: greenvilleroad

    Glad you enjoyed the post. I really hate "plastic" food. Give me a simple meal that I can tell what I'm eating and I'll be happy!