Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Survivalists Update

We have 5 sites that have joined the web ring so far and a kick ass banner (designed by yours truly) that you can see at the bottom of my web page. You will be able to select the banner you want to use when you sign up and once you have you can change it in your account settings on the ringsurf site.

Any survival, outdoors, homesteading, guns, nature, etc. related blog or web site is welcome to join.

Web Rings only work if sites join...the more that join the more traffic is generated for member sites.

Did I mention it is free!

EDIT: BTW 5 sites means half of the top 10 is filled which are the sites that will appear on the first page of the web ring. That leave 5 spots left for sites if you want to be the first ones people see when they visit the ring.

...that is all.

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  1. Makes us secret squirrels have to decide to come out of the closet doesn't it?

  2. Interesting, Flea- can you see the WebRing on my site? I joined the first nioght I saw it and have wondered if it got 'transaferred' properly. Either way, count me in- thanks a lot.

  3. I don't see you in the queue Shy, I would try again and make sure the code in on your website. I have been checking regularly and the only sites I see are the ones that are on the memeber page...5 in total so far