Friday, October 24, 2008

Survival Links:

With all the banking BS going on there is a site I have been using for years to get good financial information as well as information on banks and the products they offer (as well as their solvency).

The site is called and I highly recommend it. They have breakdowns on mortagages, savings accounts, CD's, financial advice, informational columns and much, much more.

I check them out at least once a week and they helped me big time with tax information when I was selling my NJ house. I was selling before living in it as a primary residence for 2 years...which has tax implications. Bankrate gave me info that I asked my accountant about and he verified it, that information saved me money.

It is a good resource and I figured I would share, especially now with so many people freaking out about banks in general.

***PLEASE spare me the banks are evil and want to steal your money crap in the comments section. If you don't find this useful please move along as there is nothing to see here. I am providing this link for the millions of folks who use the banks in this country. If you stuff your money in a mattress that is your business and in that case I would suggest you check out***

...that is all.

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