Thursday, October 2, 2008

Survival Guns On The Cheap

Well everyone and their brother has an opinion on the best guns for a post apocalyptic world (PAW). You know what they say about opinions so I just felt I have to throw mine into the ring. Now keep in mind that this is "on the cheap" and is also "my opinion".

Let me preface this by saying if you haven't taken advantage of the FFL C&R yet you are foolish. It is easy to get (if you aren't a criminal), cheap and did I mention you can order qualified guns right over the Internet and have them delivered to your door. The guns I am going to list here are ALL C&R eligible and can be ordered and delivered if you have that magic piece of paper.

Ok so here is the list:

Mosin Nagant 91/30/M44/M38/etc - Ok This is the epitomy of the survivalist gun. They are cheap, built like tanks, powerful as all hell, accurate and most importantly plentiful. It is the sheer number of these that are available which is the biggest benefit. The law of supply and demand say if there is a lot of supply with less demand, prices are cheap. This is hands down the cheapest survival weapon out there and in some cases I have seen them listed for $59. They are chambered in 7.62x54 which is a big whoop ass round that travels far with punch. The down side is these thing kick like a mule. Bolt manipulation can also be a chore on these things. That being said they are a decent gun and the price is right. The magazine capacity is 5 rounds fed by stripper clips. Honestly if I am being attacked by the zombie hoards is this the weapon of choice for me? Not really I prefer something in semi-auto, which leads me to the next gun on the list.

SKS - I like to think of this as the precursor to the AK-47. The gun is semi-auto and chambered in the cheap and plentiful 7.62x39 caliber. The gun has a 10 round magazine fed by stripper clips. There are many varieties and they all have their pluses and minuses. I have a Yugo M59/66 which some people will tell you suck because it doesn't have a chromed barrel. Well the Yugo make up for that in girth, everything is bigger and heavier on the Yugo. The other varients are Chinese, Russian, Albanian, etc, it is up to you what you select. I have seen these for between $150 and $300+ depending on the condition. I got one in brand new condition for $275 and I think it was a great investment. I personally for the money think this is your best bet if you are in need of a SHTF gun on the cheap. There are a ton of accessories for them available including detachable magazines and replacement stocks.

Lee Enfield - This gun comes in many variants, I would go for one chambered in .308 (well 7.62x51 really) because it is a common albeit expensive round. They do warn you .308 could generate higher pressures than the NATO round but I am not an expert so do your homework. This gun is one of the most successful military rifles ever in production. The bolt is one of the smoothest you will use and these guns can be fired at an extremely rapid rate. The Brits used to call it the "mad minute", they would lay down so much fire in a minute that enemies often thought they were being fired at with machine guns. Personally if bolt-action is your thing...I would take a Lee Enfield over a Mosin...but again that is just my opinion (No hate mail please). The Lee Enfield also has a higher magazine capacity at 12 rounds vs. the Mosin at 5. They run the gambit but SOG has the 2A version in .308 (12 rounds) for about $169.

There are a few more namely the Mauser but I am not a big fan of uncommon calibers...this is a decent list to start from. I can't stress enough to folks that they should try and get their FFL C&R, it opens up a bunch of avenues for purchasing cheap firearms, delivered right to your door.

...that is all.

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  1. Some Enfields were originally chambered for .303 and rechambered for .308. These seem to be the ones where caution about overpressure is warranted.

    The Ishapur Arsenal in India built Enfields originally chambered for .308.

    I have one of these.

    People laughed when I glass bedded the stock. Hell, they laughed when I bought the rifle with the intention of using it as a sniper rifle if things came down to that.

    It's a nail driver, and no one is laughing anymore.

    The rifle was $99.00, and I put about another $150.00 into it, not including the scope.

  2. Just when I was fairly convinced to get the Mosin, now I need to get an SKS! What's a prepper to do?


  3. Glad to see that somebody has seen my rants, thanks for the comment.

    For on the cheap you are totally right. Can't beat the SKS/ Enfield as far as I am concerned (For those of us with little in the way of cash).

  4. you continue to deliver some of the most useful info around. thanks.

  5. I think the Enfield vs. MN is a non issue. I don't know anyone who prefers the MN. What is going in the MN's favor is that their ammo is far cheaper then Enfield (.303 or .308). For someone looking to have a fun plinker that isn't a huge deal but for a prepper who wants a couple cases of ammo the cost difference is huge.

    As for the SKS if you get a good one they are a heck of a gun for the money. I've known people who (luck of the draw) got one that just wouldn't ever work how it is supposed to and others who got one that works flawlessly. For me saving another 200 bones and getting an AK was the way to go. Maybe some day an SKS will join it in the safe.

  6. As for a gun rechambered from 303 to .308 the bullet for a 303 is .312 as is the bore on any gun so chambered. The .308 is a .308 I know that .004 does not seem like much but gas loss and acuracy will suffer. As for a cheap gun the Remington new army cap and ball [black powder] .45 is around $189 Cabellas with atarted kit $229, down the road or next stimulas check get a R&D conversion to .45 long colt. $250 [midway USA] so for around $500 you have a single action cartridge revolver that will concert back to black powder. Used with the pyrodex 30 grain .45 pellet is quick to load.

  7. Uhhh, Just my 2cents.... mossberg 500 12 ga, with lotsa different ammo... cheep, versatile, what more ya want????

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