Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Show Me The Love!!!

Folks been quiet around here...got a steady stream of around 300-400 people visting the site daily been like that for quite awhile.

Show me some love. If you enjoy this blog I would appreciate you spread the word for me. If you have a website or a blog throw up a link to me. I certainly don't do this for money because I would be dead and buried from starvation at this point.

All I ask in return for bringing you a small piece of joy each day is some publicity.

Show me the love!

Thanks to all the loyal folks who show up here to listen to me bloviate on a daily basis!

...that is all.

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  1. I put you on "Stumble" :) Kathryn

  2. Thanks Kathryn, every little bit helps!

  3. I added you to the blogroll. Mine is a combo family site for my boys who are now in the US Airforce & secret squirrel prepping as DYI/Homesteading - cause you never know what the kids will need to know. I'm already considered odd so don't want to add fuel to the fire kwim, esp with little ones still at home.

  4. I linked to your water story a few days ago in our news section.... Keep up the good work, we like checking out your blog everyday.

  5. Thanks OGS and Stephanie, every little bit helps!