Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How To Survive Blogging: Tools For Bloggers

I know there are a bunch o' bloggers out there and I figured I would share some simple tips and tricks I have learned in the short time I have been doing this. I started this blog at the end of May this year and have been blogging just about every day since. Many people just don't realize how hard that is...new post everyday...informative topic...make the reader come back. That is a pretty TALL order. I have done my best but I will be the first to admit I do struggle sometimes.

First some tips:
1.) Don't overwhelm your blog with advertisements and other BS, AT LEAST in the beginning. Prove to the folks out there you have something useful to offer them before you start bombarding them with ads and such. I have seen blogs out there that are nothing but advertisements...they offer nothing else! I quickly move on as do most other folks I can say with some certainty.

THAT BEING SAID...blogging is hard work and most of us make pennies while doing it. There is nothing wrong with some ads, donate buttons or some other form of voluntary contribution mechanism on your blog...as long as you are provide something in return (information, entertainment, whatever...)

2.) Post often, cannot stress this enough. Folks get tired in short order of visiting if the site is never updated. If you have a 100 readers, stop posting for a week or two (with no explanation) and I will predict you will be lucky to have half that amount when you return. I would recommend you post at minimum 3 times a week to be effective and grow your reader base. The golden rule with this is...the more the better.

3.) Use effective topics, titles for your posts, categories for your posts and use key words whenever you can. I get 30% percent of my traffic right from search engines. That is a hard thing to do but it is quite effective if you do things right. I get consistent results from Yahoo, Google, etc.

4.) Submit your blog to all the search engines...including the blog search engines.

5.) Have fun! Make sure you blog about things you enjoy otherwise you will feel more like you are working than doing something enjoyable!

Now some tools:
Google Analytics - You are nuts if you have a website and don't take advantage of this free service from Google. It will provide you with all the stats your could ever want about your site. This is a fantastic tool and did I mention it was free?

Feedburner - Feedburner allows pinpoint control over RSS feeds and several other aspects, including subscriptions to your site. Make sure your do this...it make burning feeds easy and subscription management a snap. It also provides some stats for your site as well including subscribers, traffic, etc.

Site Counter - Helps keep detailed stats on your website. There are many...I use GoStats.

Blogburst - This is a service that makes your content available to other publishers like Reuters News Service and the like. You need to apply but if your accepted, you can actually have content published by Reuters and companies like that. Here is one of my articles they published.

Blogging software - Blogger is the software I use, are they the best...nope. There are others available like Wordpress, TypePad, etc; you will want to pick one check it out and see if you like it. Blogger is finally starting to catch up to the others in terms of features. The big one for me was scheduling posts, you can do that by writing your posts in Draft blogger.

There are many others but I think that will be a subject for another post. The main thing to remember is that this should be fun...also if you enjoy the bloggers you read support them!

...that is all.

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  1. Great pointers I picked up a couple from you thanks.........

  2. content content content. That is definitely key. I also submit my posts to digg. That has brought me in some extra traffic as well.

  3. Stay on the main topic of your blog.


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