Thursday, October 9, 2008

Guest Post - Scoutinlife: The Ever Popular Shotgun Slug!

We are blessed today to have a guest post from everyone's favorite blogger Scoutinlife from Scoutinlife's Homestead and Preparedness Blog. His blog is on my regular reading list...and I can't think of anyone else I would love to sit around the fire and chew the fat with. Check his blog out if you haven't already!

Let go back in history a bit shall we, around 78 years ago, the first slugs for shotguns called a pumpkin ball were created; basically a shotgun shell shooting a undersized round ball out the barrel. Unfortunately they bounced down an around the barrel like a pinball before existing the gun. So under these circumstances they proved less than accurate on many occasions I'm sure.

An innovative fellow by the name Karl Foster in the late 30's produced a slug with a hollow point that had ribs on it to shoot from shotguns. Surprising enough, these are fairly accurate a still available at your local stores in many parts of the county for shooting out of smooth barrel shotguns. They replaced the pumpkin ball all together in the pursuit of whitetail deer.

Then the jump into the 50's, manufacturers making shotguns for slugs only, which of course motivated ammo makers to search for a better way for more accurate results when shooting slugs. So with the development of a shotgun with rifle sights or optics caused a need and reason to develop rifled slugs…

With a list of ammo makers from Remington, Winchester, Federal Light field now making 2¾ & 3 inch loads in 12 or 20 guage, the most popular, with the most choices. They even make recoil reduced loads for those needing to lessen the effect to the shoulder when firing slugs.

My advice try a few brands, find which is most accurate in your shotgun, most of us that have shotgun only for deer have at least an upgraded rifled barrel. So feed that the most accurate slugs you find then stick to it period. Slugs seem to shoot much different results from brand to brand.

I prefer the Winchesters Supremes so that is what I have my slug gun set up with and will stick with here on out. Today it common to drop a deer where it's stands 100 yards plus with a shotgun and a rifled slug these days. Combining practice with the gun, finding the best ammo for it and a scope, the ranges could extend farther.

Thanks Scout!!!

...that is all.

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  1. I have always hunted deer with a slug and shotgun but I never had a special gun for it. Just the regular 16 or 20 gage that I used for birds, rabitts and squirrles. Never had to take a deer over a hundred yards in the woods, usually just 10 or 20 yards is all.

  2. Wow! Great post there scoutinlife! Thanks Flea for this great article. I'm going to go out and buy some more slugs for my Mossberg right now! I love my Mossberg!


  3. Shotgun slugs are something that every smooth bore owner should have at least a couple boxes of. Not sure off the top of my head how many I have but I'm sure it is a reasonable amount.

    Even if you don't hunt deer with a shotgun slugs are not a bad thing to have around as they hit like a ton of bricks.

  4. Winchester no makes a rifled slug in both 12 & 20 gauge. Instead of a rifled barrel it uses a rifling on the slug. Bought a bow but haven't shot any yet does anyone have any luck with these?