Monday, October 27, 2008

Equipment Review: Victorinox Rucksack

Today I will be reviewing one of my favorite inexpensive knives, one of the classic Swiss army knives. I have always liked them for being simple, multi-use, and fairly good quality for a cheap price. My biggest complaint was they were a bit unsafe as are all non-locking knives in my opinion. There is just a greater chance of injury when using a knife that does not have a blade that locks in place.

That has changed, in recent years Victorinox started a line a slightly larger knives that do in fact have a blade that locks back. I purchased the Rucksack Lockback Swiss Army Knife from Victorinox Knives for roughly $25 bucks and I absolutely love it. The knife is larger than your typical Swiss Army knife that I have had in the past. One I currently own besides this one is the Victorinox CyberTool 34 Translucent Ruby 53919 that one in particluar was useful when I was a tech and might be on the plant floor and needed to disassemble a PC. The Rucksack is a great knife because it includes several of the tools that are most useful on the typical Swiss Army knife but with the added bonus of the more stable and safe locking main blade.

Above is a picture of my knife and below is a shot of the locking mechanism which is basically a small sliding trigger which releases the blade.

The tools included with the knife are:
1. large lock blade
2. corkscrew
3. can opener
4. screwdriver 3 mm
5. cap lifter
6. screwdriver with automatic locking
7. wire stripper
8. reamer, punch
9. key ring
10. tweezers
11. toothpick
12. wood saw

Your really can't beat this as a backup, EDC (everyday carry) or a knock around knife for $25. I think Victorinox hit a home run with this new line of locking blades. There are several other models besides the Rucksack and even a few that are one handed opening which is great in the event of needing to use the knife when injured. This model IS NOT one handed opening but that was not a requirement for my purchase - the woodsaw was.

I heartily recommend this knife without hesitation and think most survival type folks will appreciate a decent knife they can beat on without caring about paying a crazy amount of money for it. I have been carrying this baby everyday and it has served me quite well in the time I have had it.

Visit Victorinox here.

...that is all.

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  1. Great choice. The Rucksack is one of my favorite Swiss Army Knives (SAKs) for woods time.

    I find myself carrying an Outrider more often as I tend to use the scissors an awful lot. You might want to check that model as well.

    Good post.


  2. Where id you find it for $25? Now they run about 45 bucks!

  3. i cant decide whether to buy a swiss army rucksack, or the rescue tool, which would anyone recomend, great review by the way