Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Book Review: The Complete Tightwad Gazette

This is a book review but is a bit different than my other reviews. Usually I break down the book by chapter and provide tidbits of infomation on what is contained in them. That approach would be impossible with this book called the The Complete Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn a.k.a. "The Frugal Zealot". This is a copendium of her now defunct newsletter the "Tightwad Gazette".

This is not a book that you just sit down and start reading like a novel and because of the nature of it being a compilation, it's organization leaves a bit to be desired. Amy Dacyczyn is famous in cheapskate circles for her tips and tricks, some of which are fantastic and some of which you will probably shake your head at.

One thing people forget when they do crazy things to try and save money is spend an inordinate amount of time trying to do so, time is money. My time is money, if I spend five hours trying to save five bucks, well that is just not worth it to me. Your time is money and you must draw the line at some point when it comes to some of the things these live cheap authors suggest. That being said the tips in this book are well worth the price and this book will most likely be available at your local library...so reserve it today.

This books contains literally thousands of tips all presented by Amy Dacyczyn and all with some value. Even some of the tips I cringe at provide inspiration for looking at something in a different way and challenges you to see if you can do it cheaper.

The tips presented are not simple one liners. There are complete recipies, instructions, stories, etc. all of which are presented from Amy Dacyczyn's point of view and in the perspective of her life as a mother and wife.

The book is over 900 pages long and made up of her newsletters published individually and in separate books called:

The Tightwad Gazette
The Tightwad Gazette II
The Tightwad Gazette III

Amy Dacyczyn has dropped out of the spotlight preferring to spend her time with her family (smart woman) but her book and reputation as a professional cheapskate are legendary across the Internet. If you have never heard of her or the Tightwad Gazette I strongly suggest you check them out.

...that is all.

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