Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weekend Roundup Vol. 8

Well another week comes to a close and that means another edition of the weekend roundup! More tips and links to some of my favorite blog posts from around the blogosphere...

Another week gone...where does time go? Anyhow I am probably at the range right now with my new Yugo M70 Under Folder. I picked up three more 30 round mags like the one it came with; Yugo, steel and holds the bolt open after last round. Picked them up at Southern Ohio Guns...nothing but good to say about them, ordered them on Monday and they were in my hands on Thursday.

A few folks have expressed interest in guest posting. We are trying to work out the details so stay tuned.

Do me a favor folks and spread the word about the blog...traffic is steadily increasing and thanks to all of you who are loyal readers! Much appreciated!!!

My offer to allow folks to guest post here still stands if anyone is interested email me at and we'll talk about it.

Stock up on "evil looking" weapons before the election, anything with a folding or collaspable stock, bayonet lug, flash surpressor or anything that in the minds of law makers make that bullet so much more deadly.

Bonus tip: Don't forget hi-cap mags, anything over 10 rounds will be a no-no, so stock up! God forbid you have that eleventh round ;)

Email me a tip and I will post it here and make you famous (we'll not really...but you will get credit!)

Deringolade discusses kids these days...

Rangerman discusses garden and theives.

Trent from The Simple Dollar discusses entertaining kids with paper.

Michale from Staying Alive talks about the "early years".

Big Bear talks wood stoves and some cautions and experiences.

"The Goods" by theOtherRyan at TSLR blog.

1.) Take a nice long walk everyday.
2.) Stop drinking beer. (I know, I laughed to when my Dr. gave me this line)
3.) Lay off the bread and pasta.
4.) Eat oatmeal.
5.) Take Omega 3 Fish Oil daily

Bonus: Lay off the fast food and eating out and cook at home using good oils like olive oil, peanut oil and canola oil rather than vegetable oil (BAD).

...that is all.

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