Saturday, September 6, 2008

Weekend Roundup Vol. 7

Well another week comes to a close and that means another edition of the weekend roundup! More tips and links to some of my favorite blog posts from around the blogosphere...

Spent most of the week worrying about tropical storms and hurricanes...what a drag.

One good thing to report is my knee is feeling much better and it did not require a visit to the old doctor.

No news is good news...nothing to report.

My offer to allow folks to guest post here still stands if anyone is interested email me at and we'll talk about it.

RV tips sent in by Blkcwbyhat
WATERPROOF!!!..I cannot make this any clearer! Water is the enemy of an RV. Whether it's a canvas pop up or a motorhome, it is not waterproofed well from the factory. If you have a canvas popup, buy lotsa scotchgard! Hose it down as often as you use it! You can never put enough on!! I got an older unit that sat for 3 yrs before I got it, couldn't even put it up as it was so rotted, and new canvas for a small unit was 900 dollar's. Preserve it from the start. -Blkcwbyhat

Bonus tip: Keep it covered..if you get a fold down, keep it covered with plastic, or at least a tarp, to keep any driving rain out of the top seal's. If possible, replace the cheap plastic roof vent's with metal one's, the sun rot's the plastic in less than a year..another water leak. Even a motorhome will last longer in the shade.

Email me a tip and I will post it here and make you famous (we'll not really...but you will get credit!)

Down In The Hills talks about Dems and guns.

Mayberry shows you how to do a drum brake job...Mayberry you are a dirty, dirty boy ;)

Scoutinlife ponders afforable wood guns.

Rangerman discusses global warming...or is it cooling?

Riverwalker on floods.

Trent from the Simple Dollar discusses lowering your heating bill.

1.) Install some kind of virus protection, there are even free scanners available on the Internet
2.) If you use a wireless router; change the admin password, disable SSID broadcasting and use security encryption. I see so many unsecured linksys networks I want to puke sometimes. Use Netstumbler and you can see all of the ones in your area.
3.) Install a software firewall on your PC there are good free ones available like ZoneAlarm.
4.) Avoid using peer-to-peer software and if you do don't leave it running all the time.
5.) Use a spyware scanner like Ad-Aware or Spybot Search and Destroy to scan your PC for malware.

Bonus: Stop surfing the porn sites for cryin out loud!

...that is all.

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