Monday, September 15, 2008

UK: What Is Going On?

I will be the first to say I love the UK, they are the only ones besides the US that does the "heavy lifting" when it comes to conflicts. They always stand with us and we have always stood with them when the SHTF and it was time to separate the boys from the men.

I read this Fox News article and I am becoming increasingly disturbed by what is going on there.

1.) They have cameras ALL OVER the place there, talk about big brother.
2.) They have super strict gun laws.
3.) They are trying to implement super strict knife laws.

The poor folks over there will have to throw rocks in the event the SHTF.

Now they are giving Islamic courts power to rule on Muslim civil cases? Holy Fish and Chips!

...that is all.

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  1. they say, keep your friends close, your enemies closer. the brits are the real evil empire. among foreigners, they hold the largest percentage of american stock. they have never given up on the idea of recapturing america to themselves. if you read cecil rhodes will, you will see what i mean. they dumped their irish catholic problem on america as an act of agression. (i guess i should be more grateful) as long as you think of the brits as our friends you perpetuate the false peridigm the elites have created here. britain is the tail that wags the american dog.

  2. I feel for the average Brit. The guy or gal just trying to get through life more or less intact. They're a lot like us. The problem with the England and the US is the aristocracy / corporatocracy. They need to be dealt with. They foment the conflicts which keep everyone divided and generate wealth for them at our expense.

  3. When the government becomes afraid of its own people, this is what happens.

    But truth be told, the government needs to be afraid of its people or it will inevitably overstep its bounds.

  4. England that nation where by citizens owned firearms and the police walked around unarmed. Now the citizens have no firearms and the cops walk around armed.

  5. Anonymous...I don't buy the wag the US crap and I am also don't think your right on the stock stuff either...I have to check on that. I also did not say Brit...I said "UK" last time I checked that included a few more folks than Brits.

    I really feel for the citizens of the UK, they are slowly being regulated into sheep!

  6. BTW the largest foreign holders of American assets are China and Japan as I suspected.

  7. In the UK: Police cameras to track 50 million cars a DAY - and keep details for up to five years

    Surveillance society: Police will use converted CCTV cameras to record the journeys of millions of motorists Police intend to map millions of car journeys and keep them on a national database for five years.

    Roadside cameras across the country will capture the exact movements of 50million licence plates every day.

    Officers have been encouraged to 'fully and strategically exploit' the database to reconstruct the whereabouts of drivers despite growing concerns from civil rights groups.

    The expansion of the database, which currently logs the routes of 10million motorists a day, has been hailed by the Home Office as a positive move to help police investigate a wide range of crimes from petty offences to counter-terrorism.

    See whole story here:

  8. Sad stuff. Sadder still is that it's happening here too....

  9. They have also just set up sharia (muslim law)courts to handle civil law for muslims. A scary time to be a Brit.