Monday, September 22, 2008


Honestly folks I really don't want to offend anyone but I have basically stopped reading most of the survival blogs at this point. Listen nothing against political, anti-government rants but sheesh call a spade a are not really a survival blog if you don't provide any useful survival information other than:

"We're screwed"
"Fuck the government"
"The world is ending"
"The SHTF!"
"Stuff your money in a mattress!"

To the others who continue to provide solid information and entertainment (you know who you are), keep up the good work!

...that is all.

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  1. I agree with your post... I've really cut down on my survival blog reading in the last few weeks. I started reading them because I wanted to learn/get ideas. Now all I seem to find is ranting and raving... and nothing helpful.

    I'll keep reading yours though : )

  2. It swings. Prepping without the dooming is like meat without potatoes. It just should not happen. The reason you prep is because you see the collapse. So frankly any exploration of topic is just as important as twenty uses for toilet paper.

    Some bloggers see our economic situation as the impending collapse others say keep your money in the 401k and that all is well. Both are is right...but both are valid.

    Honestly though, people who are not prepared get nervous and irritated when other speak of our social/economic structures breaking down. I see this often and get alot of emails about it. Look at the blogs that do rail on the collapse...most of their owners are in a comfortable place as far as survival preps go.

    The flip side is that someone comfortable with their preps really gets tired of discussing beans, bullets and all that you can do with them. Frankly the end of the world is a nice diversion from preparing for it.

    Stay out of trouble

  3. My blood pressure gets too high if I even think about what's going on too much. I'll just practice my barter skills a little more.

  4. Oh believe me...I have no iisue with a good rant. I have been known to go off here and there myself. I just don't know how many time I can go to a blog and read the same old bitch fest before I lose interest.

    Honestly I prep for a multitude of reasons and the economic and social collapse of western civilization is not one of them. Not gonna happen...they will bail em out and this time next year will be business as usual on Wall street and I will be that much richer when the shares in my 401k I am getting dirt cheap right now are up...way up.

  5. Agreed. Now excuse me while I go delete the post on my blog you mentioned ;)

  6. Well I am the king of ranters.... My blog is the only avenue I have to get things off my mind and off my chest. Besides, it is virtually impossible to post nothing but survival information every single day! Especially when one is unable to do a lot of actual prepping themselves... If you go back and look, my blog has prep stuff at the beginning of the month (pay day), and more rants/ politics/ doom and gloom at the end of the month (when I'm broke). That's just the way it is....

    Survival Chick, don't delete. You aren't doing this for other folks' approval, you're doing it to put your thoughts out there and share 'em. If you delete, then something is lost, and we all lose out. What you might think is a rant, or drivel, or whatever, someone else just might think is a little gem of wisdom, or inspiration. Never doubt yourself, and don't cave to "peer pressure". Each blog is unique, a reflection of it's author, and should stay that way. If Flea doesn't want to rant, that's fine, and I respect that. I will still continue to read his blog. If he doesn't want to read mine any more, I respect that too. My blog is for me. I appreciate and welcome readers and comments, and I like to pass on useful news and information to my readers, but in the end, my blog is for me. It's therapy in a sense. Otherwise everything would stay bottled up inside me and I wouldn't be a very nice person....

    Keep up the good work Flea, and a little rant once in a while isn't a bad thing......

  7. There is definitely a balance. Few blogs are 100% informational and 0% opinions and rants. Some blogs are 5% informational and 95% rants. Lots of folks, myself included tend to go a bit back and forth from post to post. More or less a combination of opinions and useful info is the way to go IMHO.

  8. How about "Stuff your money on my matress."