Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Humble Hammock

One thing I have always wanted to get my hands on is a hammock/shelter. The hammock has many advantages. It is way more comfortable than sleeping on the ground. The hammock is super light which is very important when hiking and carrying everything you need in your pack.

The Hammock eliminates the need to carry:
1.) Tent
2.) Sleeping pad
3.) In warm weather you could conceivably ditch the sleeping bag as well.

The tent is the big weight saver and the sleeping pad although light and compact (depending on the model) can still be awkward to carry or position on or in your pack.

The hiking hammocks usually have built in mosquito netting and a rainfly to keep you dry. I would just put my pack under the hammock when sleeping to keep it from getting rained on.

Hammocks are better on your back and they are low impact on the environment. Contrary to what some folks say they do not damage trees if they are setup properly. I have seen them in use and they are extremely easy to setup and extremely comfortable.

Some vendors who make nice hammocks:
Clark Jungle Hammocks - I want one of these bad boys.
Hennessey Hammocks
Speer hammocks
Eagle's Nest Outfitters
Trek Light Gear

...that is all.

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  1. Hammock are great I've used them off an on of the years in the service many of a time...... Sad I don't believe I have one anymore these days need to make a note of getting one again.........

  2. I find as I get older, my sleep habits in hammocks have changed. I'll fall asleep and sleep soundly for about 3 hours. Then I'll wake up, and drift in - out, sleeping very lightly. Mosquito net to keep from slapping yourself silly (use branch spreaders if the contact bothers you) and you are all set.

    Sleeping under stars is nice, but you will get a bit wet if dewpoint is reached. All in all, some good and bad points, but in hot weather, hammocks kick a$$ over tents, you sleep much cooler. Used to be an interesting book (24+ hammock tips) that had some interesting advice for using them - worth a read if can be found.

    Hope this helps.


  3. I totally agree Hammocks are great for a light shelter/sleeping area..... I can personally tell you that the trek light hammock is very nice.

    I have one myself and it is super light weight but holds up well under the elements. Just make sure you if you buy the trek light hammock that you have some kind of tarp to hang over your hammock in case the weather gets bad.

  4. yeah hammocks are lighter.

  5. I often use the Hennessey Explorer Deluxe. With the flysheet and mozzy guard built in they hold up well even in Britains sideways rain and snow winters.
    I would also have to recomend the 'Ticket to the Moon' hammocks. Silly name, but if you get the double or king size they have a good width as well as length that makes them very comfortable, plus they are one of the lightest for their size. See their site, good choice of colour combos, including camo...