Friday, September 12, 2008

Equipment Review: S&W 22A

One of the first guns I purchased was the Smith & Wesson 22A. The gun is a .22lr pistol with an integrated rail built into the slide making it a perfect target pistol. In fact that is what this pistol is really designed for is target plinking.

This gun is extremely accurate. I was thoroughly impressed at how accurate it is. My plan is to throw a pistol scope on it an use it for target shooting or for taking in the field to take out some crtitters. This would be a perfect rabbit or squirrel gun to take in the field if you wanted something smaller than a rifle that can easily fit in a rucksack.

I have always been a fan of S&W, they make very good, high quality pistols (revolvers and autos) as well as the very well recieved M&P-15, their AR-15 offering. I have a S&W M&P 9mm Compact which I just love. It seems every weapon I shoot that they make is unbelieveably accurate and my 22A and M&P are no exception.

This is a fun gun to shoot and one of the few I have that my wife enjoys to shoot as well (She also likes my Walther P22). There is little recoil as with most .22 caliber weapons, the design of the gun is simple and it is relatively easy to disassemble to clean and service. Ease of dissasembly is extremely important with .22 caliber weapons because the ammo is so dirty, getting them completly clean and lubed is very important.

My main gripe with this gun as with many other pistols is the cost of the magazines, they range anywhere from $20-$30 which is ridiculous when you consider I can get AK-47 30 round mags for $15, even the mags for my M&P are cheaper. The only gun with more expensive mags that I own is my Walther (Most of which is manufactured by S&W by the way).

Here are some stats on the 22A from Smith & Wesson's website: (For the variation I have)
Model: 22A
Caliber: .22LR
Capacity: 10+1 Rounds
Barrel Length: 5 1/2"
Front Sight: Patridge Front
Rear Sight: Adjustable Target
Grip: Rubber Grip
External Safety: Manual Thumb
Frame: Large
Finish: Two-Tone
Overall Length: 9 1/2"
Material: Alloy
Weight Empty: 32 oz.

Smith offers the gun in 7" barrel as well which must be an absolute tack driver. The have variations with bull barrels, hi-viz sights, wood grips, etc.; the possiblities are almost endless. The gun has proven to be relatively popular and folks seem to like mine when I pull her out at the range.

Overall this is a great gun especially to those who are new to firearms, go to your local range and see if you can rent one and let me know what you think!

...that is all.

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  1. I bought a 22A for my birthday a month or so ago. I've put close to 500 rounds through it already and love the gun. Mine has the 7" barrel as I do lots of target shooting. I added a BSA holograhoce sight on this and now folks think it is the coolest looking gun around. I must admit I didnt like the iron sights as the front sight was very fat, and probably would have be OK if I had painted it or such, but then again the range I shoot at is somewhat dark at 15 yards. May be fine outside, I simply shoot lots indoors. From other reviews, it sounds like this gun had issues before, but they sure seemed to have worked them out in my humble opinion.

  2. Meant holographic obviously... (not holograhoce)...Also I ordered the composite wood grips, so this thing will be pretty well tricked out. Cool gun for the price.

  3. Never held S&W"s 22, but I love my Browning BuckMark! It's got their UDX grip that is incredibly comfortable in my hand!

  4. I bought a 22a two weeks ago and now enjoy shooting again. At 50 feet and less, I haven't tried further yet, it's more accurate than my Marlin 39 Golden! I want to buy a red dot to put on it now. I was thinking a TruGlo. I wish there were more grooves on the Weaver rail. Maybe if I call S&W they'll tell me what brands will mount on it.

  5. want to know is the slide on the 22a suppose to move up and down in the closed position>

  6. i got my S&W22s for my bday from my wife. I do a lot of shooting & so does she. I reallylike the pistol, have had no problems with it. I would like to find wood grips for it.

  7. 22a sucks ass, piece of shit recals suck ass

    1. Your witty comments are helpful and concise. Your mastery of spelling, sentence structure and punctuation really frame your comments for our consideration. Thank you SO much for your helpful advice to the OP, I am sure that every word was like a drop of spring rain to a parched man for him. Go back to Jr. High troll.

  8. Maybe it is not the gun that sucks ass but the shooter ???

    1. different guy...but same experience as previous ... this shooter doesn't suck and I can back those words up... my 22a-1 is a pc of shit too....traded a Beretta 21A even up... boy was I stupid.. It's accurate alright, but it fouls very easily, the plastic 'spade' a key internal part isn't good for more than a few hundred rounds and mine jams.. I ordered more guide rods, springs and spades. I was warned that all three love to 'spring' where they can't be found, or wear out quickly .... I hate mine...will take the loss to get rid of it... accuracy is only good if the gun is functional... seems like every trip to the range to shoot it is an adventure because you have no idea how many rounds it will fire before it requires disassembly, a 'rebuild' and a thorough cleaning...use CCI and premium ammunition to even get that....

  9. I have a 22A with a 5.5" and a holographic sight. It's very accurate BUT...

    Don't get sucked in just because it says S&W. This thing is worse then shit, at least shit floats.

    The lower cracked starting at the breach going through the trigger group to the other side. The only think holding it together was the trigger guard.

    S&W scrapped the lower requiring me to re-regester the gun. Went to the range with my second new 22A and you can't keep a clip in the thing.

    Every shot knocks the clip loose causing the following shell to jam.

    Back to S&W... According to their customer service I should have bought a model 41. It should still function as a firearm, not a paper weight!

    I'm hoping to receive a check so I can buy a Browning!

  10. I have an S&W 22a-1 and if the gun failed to fire; I couldn't rack it. Stronger people than I could, but said it was hard. Sent to S&W. They adjusted the fit of the slide to frame. One year later the gun and I shoot in the 400's. Two misfires, and no magazine problems during that time. Seems like mags would fall out if the gun was fired,saw that in other S&W 22a's. Have Tasco Reddot sight on rail. Good gun for the price: $200.+ tax

    1. I had the same problem at first. With mine, you really need to make sure the mag is clicked in or the mag would back out. After putting a couple thousand rounds through it, the mags seem to go in easier, or maybe I have just developed the habit of putting them in firmly and decisively. I like things to fit tightly at first. Then, as they wear they just get better.

      It does take a firm grip to rack it. I think that's because the surfaces you grab could use better grip-grooves, knurling, or maybe a lever. That's my only real complaint.

  11. I juyst bought on and have also found it very hard to rack. Never had another gun of any caliber or make that is so hard to rack. I bought a Tasco Red Dot scope for it and the groves on the rail don't line up with the screws on the scope. I sent a email to S&W customer service and they said they have had no complaints.