Monday, September 8, 2008

AK-47 - Yugo M70AB2T...SWEEET!

Well since Hannah was a bust in my area the gun show was still a go. I would like to present to you the newest member of the Be A Survivor family...a Yugoslavian M70 under folder....SWEEEET! It came with one 30 round mag and a sling.

These things are hard to find at this point because people are snapping them up...just over the last few months they have gone up almost $70 bucks. If Obama gets elected this thing could see some real appreciation in value.

I accomplished my main task, get an assault rifle, not spend a ridiculous amount of money and have ammo commonality with my SKS. Overall very satisfied. I probably won't be able to really work her out until next weekend but maybe I will sneak out one night to the range if I can. I will be sure to do a proper equipment review on it.

My next mission is to get at least 4 more mags for it...even more before the election for sure.

...that is all.

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  1. Good selection. I have one myself. Shoots great. I love my M70 underfolder.

  2. nice rifle, if you do get a chance to shoot it be sure to post a range report. good thing you got yours now before the election. I got a feelin' the dems might try to push another gun ban if they get elected.

  3. Oh I can almost guarantee an "assault weapons" ban or even worse if the Dems get in.

  4. Nice weapon looks just like mine :) I have just a few complaints after buying mine but they are small. (Let's see who else might have these issues or preferences)

    1. The folder moves from left to right slightly unlike a standard stock.
    2. Since it's an under folder the receiver can't accept standard stocks so you are always stuck with an under folder. (I like options)
    3. I hate that little button on the side that must be pressed before you can press the real dust cover release button. I finally just unscrewed mine and made it work like every other AK in the world. (Another preference thing)

    Other than those things the gun is great and I would buy another in a heart beat if I could talk the wife into investing in guns before the election :)

    The cheapest place I have found magazines is from Aim Surplus. Here's a link for you or anyone else who stumbles across this.

  5. They are sweet and shoot on a par with the M4 or maybe better with and I mean with practice...Dragon

  6. If I ever go AK shopping again it is going to be for one of those folders. A real compact gun that has a lot of firepower.

  7. I have been reading the comments posted, and I think I'll buy one while I can. To anyone else who has an interest, you can buy one @ Classic Arms web-site for just under $480.00, or for about $530.00 you can buy one with a "shoters package" that adds a couple more mags. amd a decent softsided case. Also AGI (the american gunsmithing institute) offers a complete ARMORERS class on DVD that will answer all your questions as to how the AK works, as well as some of the most common problems and their proper repair. (about $30.00)"Keep your powder dry and your eyes open".

  8. I have the M70AB2T Version. I prefer the "raw" (rough) look over the closet queen appearance of the Arsenal's. (Arsenal's are the best, but I wanted a battle rifle and dont feel like dropping over a $1K for an AK!). I prefer the underfolder over the standard stock because it's more ergonomic. Fits better in your shoulder. My stock is tight, with minimal wobble. Disassembled and overall fit and finish is good. Sights are tight and aren't canted. Acceptable accuracy for an AK. (IT'S NOT A SNIPER RIFLE!) I've been around AK's for awhile....this rifle is worth the money! I'm a ZASTAVA fan now!