Saturday, August 16, 2008

Weekend Roundup Vol. 4

Well another week comes to a close and that means another edition of the weekend roundup! More tips and links to some of my favorite blog posts from around the blogosphere...

Well this was a good week. I plan on doing some work around the house this weekend and I am ahead on my posts for a change. I have several lined up for next week, which is always a big help with work and school. I am looking to read some more good books so if people have some recommendations I am all ears.
Someone on my plane ride home last week recommended "Imperial Life in the Emeral City", so I may pick that up.

Things have been going well for the blog...traffic is up and folks seem to like what I am doing here. As I have stated in the past I avoid most of the doom and gloom and try and pass along some useful tidbits to folks. If anyone has any ideas on post they would like to me at the link in this post.

No news is good news...nothing to report.

My offer to allow folks to guest post here still stands if anyone is interested email me at and we'll talk about it.

In a crisis situation, if you needed water immediately and didn't store any; there is a decent supply contained in your water heater as well as the toilet tanks (not the toilet of course). If there is any risk of contamination boil the water first before drinking it.

Bonus tip:  If you have a water bed...drain and boil as needed for more available water.
Email me a tip and I will post it here and make you famous (we'll not really...but you will get credit!)

If you haven't seen it already visit Scoutinlife's You Might Be A Survivalist...funny stuff...its good to get some humor injected in all this "serious survival" business.

The Suburban Prepper is back in action after suffering through the California Bar...

theotherryan picked up "The Pink Lady"...nuff said.

Dragon is offering up his pretty impressive list of skills for hire.

Michael goes an a pretty good rant against us surburban types...seems all is lost for us. (very entertaining)

Riverwalker has a nice post on Long Term Food Storage.

The UrbanSurvivalist ponders the BOL...

1.) RELAX - control your breathing.
2.) Work to eliminate the jerking caused by anticipating the recoil.
3.) Pull the trigger in a smooth controlled fashion - don't jerk it back.
4.) Go to the range as often as you can.
5.) Make sure your weapon is CLEAN and well maintained.

Bonus: GO TO THE EYE DOCTOR. If you wear glasses your prescription may have changed. If you never wore glasses you might just need them. I went myself earlier in the year after never wearing glasses and found out I needed them to read (and shoot). My shooting improved almost immediately!

...that is all.

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  1. I was always told that H2O from a water bed was off limits, as the additives to the water to prevent growth were poison. And that NO amount of boiling would render them inert. I'll let someone else try this one...

    John in Alaska

  2. Hmm...I had a water bed in my younger days...I just filled it with water, I didn't add anything to it.