Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tap Water Vs. Bottled Water

I am not exactly sure when it happened. I can't actually remember myself when the brain washing and conditioning began...but it did. Somewhere along the line the entire population of the United States was convinced that tap water was somehow less safe and we should all immediately start paying for something that we had available to us (and are already paying for). Not only that, to rub some salt in the wound they determined that this item which we already had available to us should be packaged in some really uneco-friendly packaging and join the ranks of tires and disposable diapers in landfills to sit there for time in memoriam.

Ironically the reverse is most likely true...

You see tap water falls under the jurisdiction of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and they have some pretty strict laws in place with regard to what tests must be done on tap water and the processes that the water must go through to be considered safe. You can visit their water regulations website here.  Bottled water is regulated by the generally speaking when the EPA adopts a new standard for tap water the FDA usually adopts it for bottled water BUT THAT IS MY POINT...why buy the bottled water that is basically being governed as safe with the same or LESSOR rules that tap water is.

Many times bottled water is simply municipal tap water that the manufacturer runs through a filtration process so they can say it is "filtered" or "purified"...what a crock...why don't we call a spade a spade. People are drinking more water and it's cutting into your soft drink profits so let's dupe people into paying for something that they are already paying for. I don't know about you but I have a water bill...some of you may not or it may be included in your utilities bill. I have stopped buying bottled water at this point. I have to recycle the bottles and the water honestly doesn't taste any better than the water from my refrigerator dispenser (which is filtered by the way - maybe I should bottle it and sell it to people).

I laugh when I go to a deli or something and I see a bottle of water for two dollars...I just want to violently shake the person buying it and say "Are you nuts?"

Here is an interesting article I found on the FDA's site. I will let you decide for yourself whether I am a crack pot or not but I think we are all being duped. Here is a great article 20/20 did which included a blind taste test. In that article you can see the brainwashing in action with some of the initial comments people made regarding tap water.

Here is another interesting article that illustrates two of my main points...that companies are getting into this to prop up sagging soft drink sales and most of this crap is "filtered" municipal water.

I'll be honest folks...when I was a kid there was no bottled water and I am still alive. I mean you do what you want but in a time of ecomnomic uncertainty and tightening family budgets...this is the first thing I would cut. I know my parents would never dream of paying for water that was readily available by turning on the faucet.

I was duped for a time...fool me once, shame on you...fool me twice, shame on me.

...that is all.

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  1. Excellent post! They ran a shuck on us and we bought it to the tune of billions of dollars. I drink my water straight from the tap.


  2. I've got one of those fancy filter dispensers in my fridge. The manual recommends changing the filter every 6 months. Like clockwork, after 6 months of owning the fridge the indicator to change the filter (around $50 if I buy the filter online or over $100 if I buy from the store that I got my fridge from) came on. Three years later it still works just as well. One thing that you have to remember about filters is that if it's worth a crap then you don't have to change it until it stops letting water through.

    I still buy the occasional bottle of water. If it's the only thing available (short of drinking out of the sink in the restroom) then I'll pay the buck. Usually I just carry around a nalgene and keep it filled. I thought it was hilarious when they came out with the "study" that conveniently deemed the plastic that nalgenes are made out of a carcinogin. All of a sudden I was the only guy in the office that was still drinking out of one. Bottled water is most definitely a scam that everyone bought into hook line and sinker but to be honest I like having the option to buy a bottle of water instead of being stuck with a choice between soda, energy drinks and gatorade.

  3. Very wise post, my Man. Thank you.
    Reminds me of a 'blind taste test' done by the MN Public Radio and UofMn... took ten bottles of water, went to the college and had the students decide which was best. Perrier, et-al, lost out to the most convenient, best tasteing, purest water imaginable: The Mississippi water that's filtered and 'purified' by the city of Minneapolis.
    Again, thanks for reminding us how lucky we are to live in America.

  4. Great insight! I drink a lot of water and decided to use a reusable glass bottle to carry instead of plastic. That costs just a dollar when filled with juice. If you don’t drop it, it will last for a lifetime and it’s easy to clean. I refill it with pure water from a bottleless water cooler with reverse osmosis filters. The water is pure and taste great and there is only a small cost and no waste. Everything I hear recently about bottled water is making me think about the water I drink.

  5. We have a well here and I like the taste of our water. I do have water bottles in the car (that I refill from the tap). I don't drink pop of any kind, so it is water for me (or coffee or juice or wine). Just fill your water bottles from you tap and dinna fesh about it.