Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Equipment Review: SOG Seal Pup Elite

Well my next review is my SOG Specialty Knives E37 SEAL Pup Elite, Straight Edge, Satin that I purchased a while back. I have the knife along with the nylon sheath it came with. I also purchased the kydex sheath that was designed for use by the Special Forces. The story goes...a Navy Seal accidentally punctured his teams inflatable raft while trying to cut some rope and came up with the idea for this sheath. The sheath has a notch built in that allows for items like rope to be cut without having to unsheath the knife...clever idea. How true that story is...I have no idea...I'll report and you decide.


SEAL Pup Elite (Straight Edge)

The SEAL Pup Elite is our high performance edition to the SEAL family of products. Sometimes... we just "have to have" more horsepower, the racing suspension, and every available option including sunroof. All kidding aside- the SEAL Pup Elite is serious business and carries on the tradition of supplying the worlds elite military forces.

Features include:
Thicker steel stock (.185)
Satin Finish blade
Newly designed longer ergonomic handle with deeper finger grooves
Racy new blade shape with longer cutting edge
Added blade spine rasp for notching, filing, and thumb placement
Injection molded glass reinforced handle scored with grip line

SEAL Pup Elite (Straight Edge)

Blade Length 4.85"
Overall Length 9.5"
Weight 5.4 oz.
Edge Straight
Steel AUS 8
Handle Zytel
Finish Satin
Sheath Nylon
Price $105.00

Ok, so now that that is all out of the way let's get to what I think of the knife. I LIKE this knife...I do not LOVE this knife. The knife is very light which some people may love but I do not. I have a Gerber I will be reviewing shortly and I LOVE it. I love that knife because it has some girth to it and it weighted extremely nice in the hand. This knife is comfortable but when I am holding a survival knife I really want to feel like I am holding something built like a tank. The handle on the SOG is zytel which is strong and non-slip but I am not sure how it would hold up if you beat on it. Please don't get me wrong the things I dislike may be major draws for some folks.

The blade I definitely like...I am a plain (non-serrated) type guy. I also like blades that are satin and the normal steel color (minus any coatings). I know, I know reflections can get your into trouble but I am not looking to break in enemy HQ like some kind of Rambo. I just need a good knife to cut, slice, whittle, skin and whatever else. It holds a nice edge...a better edge in fact than my beloved Gerber. I have sharpened her a few times and bringing the edge back with my stone is no issue at all.

The top of the blade has this gimmicky rasp on it. I could see it being useful for notching or something but I have yet to use it.

I must admit the knife is "sexy"...it has good lines and looks like a real mans knife.

SOG makes several versions of this knife as well as their Seal Team and Seal Team Elie knives which are larger than the Seal Pup. They have models that have black blades and tiger-striped (which looks pretty cool) blades in serrated and non-serrated models. I personally like the plain vanilla knife I have over all that other stuff.

As far as the sheaths go...honestly I like the nylon sheath over the kydex sheath. The nylon sheath has a bit more protection for the knife and the handle. It also has a nice front pocket which is the perfect size to hold a small sharpening stone. The nylon sheath was really well thought out and is extremely functional and I wouldn't waste the money on the kydex sheath personally. Just becareful when you buy the knife you are clear which sheath you are getting because I have seen it sold with both of them depending on where you buy it.

Before I got my Gerber this was my main, go to fixed blade. The Gerber has since replaced it in that role. This is a good knife. It is well built, functions well, stays sharp and very reasonably priced. I would say it is worth a look for anyone who is looking for a reasonably good knife at a great price.

Many folks swear by SOG. They have a good reputation as far as making good knives at good prices. They also make a full line of multi-tools as well. Make your way of to SOG's site and see what they have to offer for yourself.

...that is all.

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  1. Good review I have the standard Sog which I like but as you don't love it. I have the half serrated edge version. I changed to a BlackHawk Sheath instead of the Kydex. I wish they would make the handles with more heavier back bone instead of the Zytel.I use this as a canoeing knife mostly!kksombx

  2. That is a clever idea. My brother works in a tactical environment with zodiacs and has a knife that has the pointy tip removed into a flat edge. He bought it for around $30 in REI I think.

  3. I bought a SOG Seal Pup with kydex sheath and modified it by cutting out a portion of the sheath so it can be used to cut cord or string without taking it out of the sheath.

    Then I added some velcro and a rapalla sharpener (which I cut down to a smaller size) to cover the cut out portion when not cutting cord or rope. The velcro holds a rod of steel striker on the sheath's backside and I put applied some shiny aluminum tape that would be great for signaling. And of course there's 3 metres of paracord that can be used for a lanyard, belt, shelter, etc. Retrofitting (hacking) it was fun, and I'm pleased with the results.

    It's a small blade, but I like to travel light. The SOG Seal Pup is comfortable and I feel safe handling it in every task. Finally, the blade lends itself to choking up for finer carving.

    I've abused it in the month I've owned it while hacking, batoning, sawing through metal and plastic (the serrations are great), carving the inside of quinzee, and it's performed well.

    I would recommend this knife to any outdoor enthusiast. It's light, comfortable, strong and is a safe option for all ages.

  4. I brought the seal pup elite and ESEE 5 on my camping trip last week. I ended up using the seal pup a lot more - light weight was nice, and it was great for food prep.

    When I first got my seal pup i felt the same way - the light, plasticky handle felt cheap and not durable. I can safely say that I put it through some hard use on the trip - Baton'ing, opening packages, some limbing, and lots of food prep [makes a good steak knife!]. The knife held an edge very well. Another thing I like about this knife is that its easy to clean after food prep - im sure it would even be fine in the dish washer.

    that was longer than I had intended, oh well.. love this knife.

  5. Thinking about getting this knife. Not sure whether to get the rant drop point with nylon sheath or this knife. By all the reviews , I think Ill go with this one.

  6. I own both the SOG Seal Pup (newer version) and the Gerber LMF II. I love both of these knives. It's important to remember that these are combat/survival knives. The SOG excels in a marine environment (it's dive rated) and the Gerber in aircraft extrication. Bushcraft is not it's primary function although that is certainly expected.

  7. I've owned this knife for a couple of years. Don't let the size fool you. This knife is tough as nails and holds an edge surprisingly well.