Thursday, August 28, 2008

Be Prepared: Be Anonymous

Is the FedGov trying to track you down? Are you hiding from assassins? Or do you just want to surf porn sites undetected? Regardless a true survivor knows how to lay low and cover their tracks, so here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Anonymous Proxy Service: A proxy is basically a go between. You send the request for a website to a proxy and it requests the page on your behalf and returns it to you. For example say you wanted to visit my site and felt like covering your tracks or make it harder to see that it is actually you would type my URL in the proxy service, they visit my site get my page and then pass it from them to you. Proxies can be several layers deep really confusing anyone who is interested in seeing what you are doing. I think you can just imagine how something like that would be useful ;) One service is Proxify.

Bogus Email Address: Don't you hate when you want to sign up for a forum or website and they require an email address? Well you could sign up for a throw away gmail or hotmail account...but why? There are services out there that take seconds to use that basically give you a bogus email address to use temporarily for this password to remember and just use it when you need to. They are great...I used to use but they seem to have ceased to exist. One service that seems super easy to use is Mailinator.

Browser Faker: Maybe you want to trick a site into thinking you are using Firefox or Mozilla or one of a hundred other browsers (including different versions of each) then Wannabrowser is for you. Hey there are numerous reasons you may want to do this, one legitimate reason would be to test how a website reacts to different browser variants without actually having to use them. I remember a while back I took part in an amateur hacking contest and this site came in very useful.

The above are just a few tools I have used in the past and thought would be nice to share with you folks. Remember that the tools listed work BUT a determined person who has the skills may not be fooled, so don't bet your life on any of them.

...that is all.

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  1. you really cant hide if they are looking for you or the kind of people that match a description they are inteerested in. I would think that the people that use these types of services draw more attention to themselves than really necessary.

  2. I would tend not to agree with you. If you have any experience with any of these they do a very good job of covering your tracks, especially the proxy services.

  3. you dont think proxify knows who you are and what your IP address is? or that they dont have server logs?

    i find that hard to believe.. unless you constantly change the physical location and ip address that you originate your address requests from there is little that you can do to prevent what you do and where you go online to be hidden.

  4. also do you actually know the people that have set up these "services"?

  5. I hate to sound crass but do actually understand how a proxy works? "Anonymous" proxy servers can have servers located all over the world and be several layers deep. I can make a request to the proxy that is located in the UK and has one IP address, that proxy contacts another proxy in Canada witha different IP who contacts yet another proxy in Russia with yet a another IP address that finally makes a request for the page.

    I believe I said it was not fool proof but it does work. How do you think hackers cover their tracks?

    Do you actually know the people who setup or the Apple iStore? Do you know who owns the supermarket down the street from you. Do you know who installed the ATM machine you extract cash from? Do you know the guy who built your vehicle?

    Listen nobody said you have to use this stuff. I really don't care what you do either way. Unfortunately though you will need to come up with a stonger argument than you have thus far.