Monday, August 18, 2008

30 MORE Tips That Will Save Your Life...Maybe

You may remember my orginal 30 Tip That Will Save You Life...Maybe, well I am at again, so here they are without further delay:

1.) Keep calibers common across your aresenal, it make storing ammo much more simple.

2.) Cotton balls (real cotton) smeared with petroleum jelly make excellent fire starter.

3.) Make sure to rotate your food stores every time you add to them to prevent spoilage.

4.) Install a carbon monoxide detector in your home or trailer if you have a furnace or any other appliance that burns fuel.

5.) Change the batteries on a regular schedule once a year (whether they need it or not) on all smoke detectors in your house or trailer.

6.) Make sure you have a working fire extinguisher in your house or trailer and make sure it is the correct type.

7.) When it come to the Borg...resistance is futile.

8.) In the snow ESPECIALLY on a sunny day make sure to wear sunglasses to prevent your corneas from being burned from the reflection off the snow.

9.) If you fall into cold water through a hole in the ice - Control your breathing (or you will hyperventilate), go back the way you fell in because that is the only ice you know was strong enough to hold you before your fall. Make yourself horizontal in the water and carefully climb out. Now get out of your wet clothes as fast as you can. Get somewhere warm!

10.) You can make primitive soap from animal fat and ash.

11.) Use a bore sighter to get your rifle on the paper when sighting in a scope. Then start the sight in process once you are at least on the paper.

12.) If you get frostbite...DO NOT thaw it out until you are positive you are safe from the area refreezing. The thawing and refreezing process will only accelerate tissue damage.

13.) If you face a cat like a mountain lion...make yourself appear as big as possible and scream loudly in a threatening an menacing fashion. If the cat attacks, fight back with all you have because these attacks are almost always predatory and the cat is trying to eat you.

14.) Keep a stash of cash on hand in a safe place in your house for emergency situations.

15.) One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach, all the damn vampires.

16.) Termites are great survival food and I have been told they are actually sweet. Never had the ocassion to test this myself.

17.) Baking soda and water make a great toothpaste. Yet another reason to store this versatile item.

18.) It has been said that you can keep critters away from your camp by "marking" your territory (a.k.a. peeing all around your camp).

19.) Never keep food or toiletries in your tent with you. These items should be stored in a vehicle or be hung in tree.

20.) Dry pine needles make great tinder.

21.) If traveling in the wilderness make sure to have a compass and a topo map available of the area.

22.) I usually carry backup items such as: a folder to go with my fixed blade, matches or a lighter to go with my firesteel and a flashlight to go with my headlamp. Redundancy is good!

23.) One of the most dangerous animals you could ever face is a bull moose, especially during the rut. Stay clear of these animals they are EXTREMELY dangerous.

24.) Squirrel and oppossum are good to eat so get over yourself and give them a try.

25.) Install a CB or Ham radio in your's great to be in communication and you may get a heads up on a smokey or traffic (especially with the CB).

26.) Don't listen to Bear Grylls.

27.) Pay attention to Les Stroud.

28.) Do not hide under an overpass during a will probably die. Find a depression in the ground lay face down and pray.

29.) Make sure you have some silver bullets handy if you expect to survive a werewolf attack.

30.) Rabbits are great survival food BUT you must consume the entire rabbit including organs to prevent rabbit starvation if that is all you have available to eat. Eat the heart, liver, kidneys and use the bones to make soup.

...that is all.

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  1. Very useful information!

  2. Just don't eat the squirrel brains - there have been cases of BSE (but whatever the squirrel form is called) from heating the brains. That might be a good idea for all animals as the prion disease keeps showing up in more & more animal species.

  3. Mad Squirrel Disease! Wow I had no idea...learn something new everyday...Thanks Stephanie!

  4. how pure do the silver bullets need to be? will silver plumbing solder work, or does it need to be coin silver? bullion?

  5. Les rocks
    Bear is a pussy