Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So You May Be Wondering What The Hell Happened...

Yes things have changed a bit. I made some changes to the appearance of the blog and the color scheme.

Out with the blue and in with the be honest I think the blue was making me blind. Even with my glasses I was getting headaches reading my own blog!

I designed a new logo in Paint Shop artist I am not but I think it is better than the old one.

I removed a bunch of shit from the blog as well. I removed all the links to blog aggregation sites, as after using them for a while I believe they drive no traffic to your site whatsoever and are quite useless.

CLARIFICATION: I am talking about sites like Technorati, Blogged, Blogflux, Blog Catalog, etc...Some folks thought I was talking about Survivalist News which you can see from 2 posts ago I think is great. 

So here once again is the link to Survivalist News - as I said two days ago they do a fine job. Check them out!

I removed the link to the store and will place a link at the end of every post (like below). This is a little more inconspicuous and looks better (not that anyone buys anything anyhow...)

I am trying to simplify everything and make the blog a bit easier to read. I am not sure if folks will like it or not...but please feel free to comment below and let me know what you think.

...that is all.

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  1. I kinda like the aggregate site. It's bad losing control of what is shown but I'm getting around 100 visits a day more when I post.

  2. Buy the way, I really like the new layout.

  3. New lay out looks nice. Although I don't know what the old lay out looked like as I barely ever visit the site itself. I read through an rss reader. I had no idea you had an amazon store set up. Wish I had i could have ordered a couple things through it. Keep putting the link on the bottom of your posts. Next time I order I will order through it.

  4. Randy you are very sharp and very RIGHT...and you picked up on my ulterior motive for putting the link in post and doing away with link on the site!

    The link in the post will appear in the feed and the store link on the site did not...great observtaion.

    BTW thanks for your support I appreciate it. Believe me this is a labor of love because I certainly don't make enough from it to even get a Big Mac meal from McDonald's once a week.

    Thanks again!!!

  5. this is the first time I've ever seen the site... I've always seen it in a feed reader. Looks OK though.

  6. Thanks.
    The blue was giving my old eyes fits!
    Nice and clean, good layout.

  7. Bustednuckles - I could not take the blue either. I was actually getting headaches...I also felt it was hard to read because links/bold/text were so close in color...

  8. The response in the comments and emails I have received have been overwhelming positive regarding the changes...

    In the misquoted words of Sally Field
    "You Like Me...You Really, Really Like Me!"