Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Equipment Review: SureFire 6P

SureFire 6P Original Compact, high-intensity incandescent flashlight for tactical, self-defense, and general use is what is being reviewed today folks. These have come down in price and are a really great tactical flashlight. The flashlight is EXTREMELY rugged; it is manufactured out of aerospace grade aluminum. The flashlight I have is not LED (They do make one, SureFire 6P LED Defender Flashlight [80 Lumens / 11 Hours] 6PDL 2008 Model it is a bit more expensive). I honestly got mine for use with my handgun when at home...and this bad boy can seriously blind someone if you shine it directly in their eyes.

You will notice I have a pressure switch replacement end cap for mine as well. Ultimately I think this will end up mounted to a shotgun. The flashlight is built like a tank. It takes the CR123 batteries which I like because of their very long shelf life (up to 10 years!). The only bad side to the 6P is it definitely eats batteries. The run time is 60 minutes, granted it is a blinding 65 lumens (with the availablity of 120! with a high output replacement lamp available from SureFire).

The flashlight has a pressure switch on the bottom that must be held to illuminate OR you can turn the tailcap to have light in a always on mode. There is also a setting on the tailcap to prevent the flashlight from coming on it the case where it is being transported, this helps with accidental battery drain.

Below is a photo I took in complete darkness, you can see how white and crisp the light is. It really is bright, you can definitely blind someone temporarily if you hold it up to there eyes. Be careful when pointing it at folks, unless of course they are mugging you or are an intruder in your home...in that case blind away!

Here are some stats from SureFire's website on the Original 6P:

Rugged aerospace-grade aluminum body, Type II anodized in glossy black
O-ring sealed, weatherproof
Tempered Pyrex® window
Tailcap switch: press for momentary-on, twist for constant-on
Switch lockout prevents accidental activation during transport or storage


Max Output: 65/120* lumens
*With optional ultra high-output lamp
Runtime: 60/20* minutes
*With optional ultra high-output lamp
Length: 5.20 inches
Weight: 5.30 ounces
Battery: Two 123A lithiums

Overall this is a excellent first SureFire flashlight for someone who wants a compact, tough and bright flashlight. SureFire makes EXCELLENT equipment but no one will argue the fact their stuff is extremely expensive. This is an entry level flashlight, a very high quality one at that, for a reasonable price $60. If you want to go with the new LED model in 2008, that will set you back roughly $99. Overall a good flashlight for a good price.

Make sure you have several flashlights throughout the house and in your vehicle as well. You never know when you will need some light shed on a situation!

...that is all.

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  1. I got one when they first came out - I worked in law enforcement and corrections and they can't be beat. They can also serve as an 'impact tool' if you are in a tough spot and have to use physical force on someone. There is another version with a 'sharp' scalloped edge on the front but, experience shows you don't need that if you smack 'em hard enough with the old style they quit fighting. Great light!

  2. The surefires are the best flashlights out there I own three and wouldn't trade them for anything the 6P model stays in mt truck!

  3. I love these things. I've owned several SureFire flashlights over the years and they all still work perfectly. They are incredibly durable, reliable, and bright. My oldest flashlight is probably about 10 years old. Fantastic product.

    Great review by the way. Kudos to SureFire.