Monday, July 28, 2008

Emergency Vehicle Kit

Sorry for the late start folks. Driving back to SC from NJ gave me an idea for a post after driving by hapless motorists stranded on the side of the road. Emergency vehicle kits...I have one and so should you.

I can tell you without any shame mine is a work in progress. I need to get some food and water in it...I was thinking of the AquaBlox and Mainstay rations...just need to get around to buying some ;)

My kit has in it: (All fit nicely in my truck workbox)

Jumper cables
Heavy leather gloves
Lighter cotton work gloves
Set of screwdrivers
Socket set
Buck Knife
Swiss army knife
Fleece (pullover)
Duct tape
Assorted bungees
Rope (assorted and A LOT of it)
Canteen kit (Canteen, metal cup and case)
Water purification tablets
Spare pieces of 2x4 (about a foot long each)
Wheel chocks
Disposable lighter
Swedish Firesteel
Large tarp
Portable inflator/battery charger (make sure you keep it charged)
Small first aid kit
Spare tire/Jack/tire iron

Not really part of my kit but my truck has a CB in for communications.

My kit is by no means complete...some of the things I need are:
Wool blanket

I also have a Hi-Point 9mm I may just throw in the box with 2 clips of ammo just in case (perfectly legal to do so here in SC...just need to make sure I remove it if I travel to another state.)

Ok so what do the experts out there say? What is missing from my kit? And what interesting stuff do you have in yours?

...that is all.

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  1. First ones that come to mind are;
    Vice grips
    Channel Lock pliers
    Ford tool (hammer)
    Duct tape
    electrical tape
    Crescent wrenches (6 and 12 inches)
    Tow chain
    12 volt drop light

    Just some suggestions from a professional mechanic who has been on the side of the road more times than I care to admit.

  2. A good pull along and 2 tow straps are nice if you happen to get stuck...

  3. With Bustedknuckles' additions, sounds like a pretty good assortment of stuff. From a life long driver of beaters.....

  4. Yeah, you can keep the gun in the safety compartment box no legal issues that I am aware of.

  5. Tow straps...excellent suggestion seeing how my truck is equipped with tow hooks...would make perfect sense.

    Bustedknuckles (great name now that I know your a mechanic) I forgot to mention the wrenches but I do have a few in there with the socket set.

    I completely missed the vise-grips and channel locks. Threw a pair in there after I read your comment.

    Thanks all keep it coming!

  6. One more, a good twelve volt test light, no cheapies.
    Think trailer lights and such.

  7. Add some triangle reflectors or road flares.


  8. Spare fuses and bulbs, can of fix-a-flat, spare motor oil, empty gallon gas can, siphon hose, tire plug kit if using tubeless tires.

  9. I would add rain gear or poncho to the list.

  10. That's a lot of things in yo bag man. But I have to say, it will be best if you would also keep a number of the nearest International Air Ambulance Service in your town.

    You just don't know when worse comes to worst.

  11. 12 volt jump pack with air compressor.