Thursday, July 31, 2008

Camping: A Great Way To Practice

I love camping and have ever since I was a kid...

Camping is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday is also a great way to keep your skill sharp and to practice new skills.

Whenever I go camping is when I try new stuff. I never start a fire using matches or a lighter anymore, I use my firesteel or magnesium stick. This helps me stay sharp with these tools when matches or a lighter may not be available.

I may sit in my camp chair and whittle with my knife...I have built figure four deadfalls and the like while sitting around the fire. I don't actually use them but it is great to have a solid understanding of this stuff BEFORE you actually need to use these skills

Camping is a great way to get used to being outside...a lot...and possibly not being able to take a traditional shower or bath. Learn how to clean yourself with just some water and a rag. Hygiene is what will kill most people should the SHTF. Make sure you wash your hands as best as you can...especially if you go to the bathroom in nature.

Sleeping in a tent under the stars is an eye opening experience, there is nothing more peaceful. I can say this with certainty...if you have never gone camping you are missing out and should go as soon as possible. Nothing better than food cooked over a fire and waking up at the crack of dawn and watching the sun rise and then heading out for a day of fishing.

There is another thing...get a fishing pole and some tackle and learn how to use it. Fish is great survival food...especially if you set some hooks and walk effort required at all. Most states require a license to fish so check your states laws with regard to that.

Hiking is a great way to build stamina and practice carrying a 50 lb pack while doing it. It is a great experience and I promise will never sleep better at night.

These experiences will help you do well in a SHTF certainly don't want to do these things for the first time when your life depends on it.

...that is all.

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  1. Nothing like real world experience. It's one thing to acquire the equipment but another to gain the expertise to use it to its full potential.

  2. Another great post Flea. Keep up the great job you are doing with this blog.

    Together We Stand

  3. Thanks for the kind words TWS.

  4. Camping out is also a great way to just have some fun!


  5. camping is also a fun way of getting your children used to "going without."