Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Came Across Something Cool In The Garden

I came across something fascinating in the garden today...something I had only read about.

You know hornworms are the bane of anyone who has tomato plants in their garden. I take pleasure in destroying these little beasties. Today I saw a hornworm that had fallen victim to a parasitic wasp called the Braconid Wasp. They lay their egss under the skin of the worm and as they grow the pupae consumes the hornworm. They always say if you come across a hormworm in this state let it be as the wasps will hatch and the lifecyle will continue as they find additional hornworms. It is sort of a natural pest control.

I snapped a picture of it...I apologize it is blurry but I could not get the damn thing to focus. As I said I had only read about this in books and on the was quite exciting to see it in real life...

Here is the poor bastard I saw in garden:

Here is stock photo I found on the web because my picture is so poor...

I have to say I think this is the coolest thing I have seen in a long time and I thought I would share it with you folks. Remember this is a good thing to not kill the hornworm as the wasps will do all the pest control for you.


  1. Neat pick have yet to see on at my place yet!

  2. I've got a lot of wasps nest around my place and usually leave them alone to do their thing(pest control) unless they get right next to the door. I also have a lot of bats in the area and they eat a lot of insects.


  3. I killed one of these before I knew what it was. I am too squeamish about bugs, and it completely grossed me out. And when I picked it off, I was surprised at the strength in that little hornworm. But there must have been another one around, because so far I have not seen another other hornworms.