Monday, July 21, 2008

Assorted Tidbits...

Saw this guy on Green TV, makes rain barrels. Of course, you can make your own...but if you’re lazy, give this guy some business: Atlanta Rain Barrels

Just back from camping again...the pop up is great! The bugs were out in force this weekend so it was nice to have somewhere to run to.

Garden is coming along...pulling out a bunch o' tomatoes. Next year I am expanding the tomato section big time. I have about 12 plants this year...going to do around 20 next year.

I just got around to seeing Rambo, I was absolutely shocked…what a great frickin movie. The movie had a great story, was believable and was super violent. The most important thing for me was the believable part. Part II and II totally sucked because they were so far out there. I actually hope he does another one.

I am reading another Ragnar Benson book so you see a review of that shortly.

Some posts that will be coming up in no particular order:
- Getting Your HAM Radio Technician License
- Review of SOG Seal Pup Elite
- Lockpicking: Useful Skill
- How to Survive The Coming Apocalypse Part V
- Scanners and Scanning

Also trying to come up with some more material on saving money because of the times - seems everyone is hurting so I figure that kind of info is invaluable.

Seems like everyone has people guest posting on their blogs...I think it is a great idea...helps expose people to other writers. If you want to guest post here send me a note ( with what you want to write about and we'll see if we can work something out.

...that is all.

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  1. I wish our gunners could have shot the M60's that well in Nam. Our guys were good but Rambo was just phenomal, never missing. What utter B.S.