Wednesday, July 2, 2008

30 Tips That Will Save Your Life...Maybe

1.) Field strip MRE’s before putting them in your pack. You can fit three times as many in the same space!

2.) You can survive weeks without food but only days without water. Food is never your first priority. If no water is available refrain from eating as water is required for digestion.

3.) Use a fuel additive like Sta-bil to keep gasoline fresh for up to a year or more.

4.) If you ever charged by a Grizzly or Brown bear drop to the ground face down with your legs tucked to your chest, cover the back of your neck with your hands and play dead. They will outrun you if you flee and bears can climb trees.

5.) If you are lost the best thing to do is stop. Sit down and consider your situation. In most cases it is better to remain in one spot and let rescuers find you.

6.) Avoid wearing cotton in colder climates it loses all of its insulation value if it gets wet. In cold weather wool is the way to go.

7.) Birch bark is fantastic tinder and will burn even when wet because of the oil it contains.

8.) When hiking wear a thin pair of nylon or polyester socks underneath your wool socks, it will help with rubbing and prevent blisters.

9.) Pack large contractor garbage bags when you go hiking or camping and throw a couple in your survival kit. They make great pack liners, emergency rain gear, emergency shelter, rain catch, etc.

10.) Always make plenty of noise when traveling in bear country. This will lessen the chance of you surprising them which could result in an attack.

11.) Take a first aid/CPR course it could save the life of someone you love.

12.) Always tell someone where you are planning on going if you head into the woods. If possible give them a map with a planned route you will be following. Tell them when you expect to be back so they can notify authorities if you are overdue. (Don’t forget to let them know when you do come back!)

13.) Always have a full tank of gas in your vehicle.

14.) Always store flammable liquids, such as fuel, away from you main dwelling.

15.) Take your generator out once a month and run it for 5 minutes to prevent hard starts and keep everything lubed.

16.) Clean your dryer lint trap and hose at least once a year to prevent fires. Keep the lint it makes great tinder.

17.) You can water proof your own matches by dipping them in melted paraffin or nail polish.

18.) Never…NEVER…drink water right from a lake, pond or stream without first purifying it by either boiling it for 10 minutes (safest) or purifying it with bleach or iodine.

19.) Headlamps are better than flashlights as your hands will be free to manipulate objects.

20.) Make delicious and nutritious tea from pine needles. Place a sprig in the water and boil.

21.) If your feet are cold put on a hat.

22.) You can fix anything with duct tape: know it, use it and love it.

23.) When heading outdoors, don’t forget sunscreen and bug dope. You have a much more pleasant experience I assure you.

24.) Hang your food and garbage suspended from a tree branch. Never store food in your tent and try to cook away from your campsite. This will prevent unwelcome “furry” visitors.

25.) Don’t skimp when purchasing a knife; buy the best you can afford. A good quality fixed blade is an invaluable tool that will serve you for many years. Always carry your knife when headed into the bush.

26.) Zombies must be shot in the head; it’s the only way to be sure, so don’t waste ammo on body shots.

27.) Unless you are en expert or can ID a mushroom with 100% certainty don’t eat wild mushrooms, they can kill you.

28.) Cattails are easily identifiable, edible and found all across America. They actually taste good too.

29.) Bugs are an excellent source of protein. As a general rule: if it’s brightly colored or smells bad avoid eating it. Grasshoppers, locusts and large crickets should be cooked to kill parasites.

30.) Compost – save the planet and feed your garden all in one fell swoop.

...that is all.

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  1. once again, great attitude, great blog!

  2. Hey, Thanks! Glad your enjoying it as much as I am writing this stuff!

  3. Great post, one correction. Water does not need to be boiled to be safe. It is pasteurized - bugs dead - when held at 160 for 20 mins or 185 for 20 seconds.

    In an emergency situation, since you won't have a thermometer on you, as soon as you see the first bubble from the water boiling (212), you're done. Save your limited fuel.

  4. I have seen what you are talking about The Other Mike, I tend to be more conservative. I would at least bring it to a rolling boil, for me personally I would sleep better. That being said there is plenty of evidence to support that you are correct.

  5. ...about the bears climbing trees: black bears have retractable claws, kind of like a cat a "run" up a tree. Grizzly bears have longer claws and need to use branches to climb up a tree. If you can shimmy up a lodge pole pine, chances are a grizz will not be able to follow. There are stories of brown bears being hunted in Russia where a climber would let a bear pursue him up a large tree, then he would climb out on a branch and "pop" it in the head. Since they are not as mobile - they need to use all their paws to hold on, they were easy targets. I kind of find that hard to believe that anyone would have the nerve to do this!