Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SKS Update

Well I ordered my SKS from Samco on 6/11. It is now 6/18 and it still has not shipped.

I was told it was in stock when I ordered it. Of course, they already charged my credit card. My FFL was provided to them in advance so that is a not a holdup.

So far, not impressed. To top it of CenterFire Systems called me and they now have the SKS I wanted in stock. The lady (I mean lady - she is the only person who ever answers the phone) advised me to call again next Monday or Tuesday.

Let me tell you, this rifle best be in immaculate condition when I do get it or Samco will be permanently off my list of dealers I buy from. It is a pet peeve of mine to say something is in stock, charge the person's card and then take your sweet time shipping the item - alarms should go off in your head when you experience that and you should take your business elsewhere.

I will keep you updated...

...that is all.

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  1. I never had luck with them! Centerfire Systems is the best I delt with.


  2. I've ordered a lot of guns over the 10 years I've had my C&R. Best service has been from SOG, followed by Century, followed by AIM (and I haven't ordered from Century or AIM in a couple of years). Four days from online order to UPS delivery for my last order from SOG. You can go to Southern Ohio Guns website and then send them your C&R and give them a call for the secret password to their online catalog and you'll see a whole lot of neat stuff.
    Cliff in Georgia

  3. I had several people recommend CenetrFire Systems and SOG and I was an idiot and impatient and went with Samco. I won't call it a "mistake" just yet...but it heading that way in a hurry. If I don't have that rifle by next week sometime, I will really make my feelings known to Samco and make sure I pass my experience on to others as well.

  4. Hope your new SKS comes in soon! Sucks when one pays upfront in full then keeps waiting for the goods to arrive....

  5. Patiently waiting for your review on this rifle. Perhaps there is a legit reason for the holdup but waiting for a new toy is difficult indeed.

  6. Yes I am anxious to review it...I know it is going to take me at least a week after I get it to get it in shooting condition - removing all the cosmoline is going to be a little time consuming.