Saturday, June 7, 2008

Personal Responsibilty...

Let me clarify my position when I say things like "the shit hitting the fan" or "the coming apocalypse". I am not one of those folks who believes the collapse of western civilization is imminent. My biggest beef with people is that no one takes responsibility for themselves and their families. People get caught with their pants down and there is no reason for it.

There are fucking people out there who live in million dollar homes and drive Lexus's that should NOT be standing in line getting ice and water from some relief organization when a hurricane or whatever the disaster may be rolls through town. There are people that need that aid because maybe they don't have the resources to prepare sufficiently. Even the poorest person can make preparations but for someone who has resources and is just lazy...I say let Darwin have them.

You think gas is high now? Wait boys and girls it is only gonna get worse. We have been spoiled if you think about gas has made us feel entitled and we have grown lazy. We all know what happens when gas goes up...the ripple effect makes prices for goods and services go up as well. Is the country going to plunge into chaos with rioting in the streets? No I don't think so, I could be wrong, but I honestly don't think so. Are tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and other assorted disasters going to continue to happen? Of course, just as they have since the beginning of time.

Do people need to get up off their asses and prepare instead of waiting for the Red Cross and National Guard to roll in? YES THEY DO. If Katrina taught anybody anything it should be that the government can and will fuck things up once in awhile (OK maybe more than once in awhile). If some disaster hits, you should count on being on your own for a minimum of THREE DAYS. If you don't have three days worth of supplies at a could very well be fucked.

When disaster hits you should also lay low. I read people writing about the arsenal they have and how they are going to defend their home from "raiders" should the US descend into anarchy...ahh yeah good luck with that. If you make your presence know or worse yet flaunt what you have someone will come and take it from you...that is unless you are John Rambo and somehow can wipe out half of some army out there without so much as a scratch.

The smart person will lay very low and only expose themselves as much as they absolutely have to. Is this something you realistically are going to have to worry about. How the hell would I know...I work on computers and I certainly can't see the future. I can tell you will be thankful if you have your supplies and a plan and NEVER have to use them than you will be if find yourself in the frying pan with nothing.

Listen guys this sight is not some much as a diatribe on buying a retreat and cutting your ties with civilization as it is growing a sack and putting some stuff away for a rainy day. Would I buy some land in Idaho or Montana if I could? bet. Would I love to have a well, septic system and a sweet solar setup?..hell yes. Do I have the money for these things right now? Nope. If a hurricane hit the Charleston area and power was down for a week and the supermarket shelves were empty and no water was flowing from the tap, am I ready for that? YES and so should you! You owe it to yourself and your family.

...that is all.

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  1. Just to chime in on what you are saying. I was Air Force for a lot of years and lived 15 years in various and sundry countries. Part of that time I was the Disaster Preparedness Officer and I spent a lot of time staging supplies, preparing plans and exercising those plans. Those plans were not just for the attacking red/yellow hoards but also for earthquake, tsunami, fires, disease outbreak, evacuation, etc.
    Now, as I live at home and prep I think about the likely scenarios. Here in Georgia we are having a heck of a storm season. Two tornadoes have already hit my neighborhood (spared my house), there is a good chance of long term electrical outages, there are strong possibilities of main roadways being blocked (think of building a bridge over I-20 and having said bridge collapse across the road. No food in the super markets, darn good possibility. No gas at the pumps, strong possibility. Spetznaz troops parachuting in to my back yard, probably not. Terrorist exploding a dirty bomb in Atlanta, strong possibility. Terrorist driving down my street shooting, not likely. Race riot/food riot/general pissed off people riot, good possibility. Need to protect what is mine from a frenzied mob, not likely. Need to help my neighbors fend off a frenzied mob, good possibility. There are more probably scenarios than you can count out there. People are foolish to think it can't happen/won't happen. It cost little to prepare. It keeps my mind agile to prepare. It makes me sleep better at night knowing I can do something positive in case something does hit the fan.
    Keep up your writing. I like your style and I like your views.
    Cliff in Georiga

  2. Those with means who don't prepare for a disaster only add to the burden of those without the means to do so properly and even the poorest of people can do a lot of prepping at little or no cost that would keep them from becoming refugees.