Monday, June 23, 2008


UPS knocked on my door and left me something magical... The metal finish is 100% and the wood has some minor storage marks, all the serial numbers's covered in cosmoline so it's hard to see the beauty. I will probably spend this week cleaning it up (I will document and post how I do it), hopefully I have a range trip in my future this coming Saturday. I will also be posting a review once I shoot her....right now I am thinking of a name for her...any suggestions?

...that is all.

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  1. Looks like you got a nice one, Flea. The wait might have been worth it.

  2. So which SKS's can be bought by a C&R licensee?

  3. The easy answer is anything listed on the ATF's website as a C&R. I know you can buy M59's or M59/66's...beyond telling you that I would need to look at the ATF's list.

  4. How the hell did you get that delivered to your door??!!! I thought it had to be shipped to an FFL! Could I get a Mosin-Nagant shipped to the house?

  5. Just follow the directions in my last post on obtaining a FFL C&R...costs $30 (check to ATF). Once you get the license you can have anything C&R (Moisin's, Mauser's, Garands, SKS's, etc) shipped right to your door. Anyone can get an FFL C&R as long as you are not mental or a criminal....

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  7. Clean it quickly and easily at the car wash.

    Your SKS is a 59/66? If so you may depress button, push to off position to close gas port, use it as pullbolt and drop reloadable brass at your feet. Depress and push button to open position to restore semiauto function.

  8. Bill, basically Romanian and Yugoslavian SKSs can be bought with a C&R (aka Class 03 FFL) and shipped to your door.
    Chinese-made SKSs (Norinco) are not available through this method, as they were made for the civilian market and not Curio & Relic eligible.

    A C&R takes about 2 months to get, but is real easy. Read the paperwork very closely, however, and make sure you check all the necessary boxes. Mail the second copy (version) to your local law enforcement office (aka Sheriff or Police Dept.), and the primary plus check to the ATF. Good for 3 years.

    Other good C&R choices:
    Nagant M1985 revolver (dirt cheap)
    Czech Cz-52 semiauto
    Tokarov T33 semiauto
    Makarov semiauto
    Various combloc Browning Hi-power clones/derivatives
    Mosin Nagant M91/30 bolt action
    Mosin Nagant M44 bolt action
    Kar98k bolt action (although ammo is getting pricey)
    Swiss K31 bolt action (again with the pricey ammo)

  9. wow nice rifle. Please tells us how how she shoots, I have been thinking about getting one.

  10. Nice purchase. Where did you order it from?

  11. Got it from Samco Global Arms in FL.

  12. SKS Tapco 20 round magazine rapid fire test.