Wednesday, June 11, 2008

First Use Of My C&R!

I finally used my newly minted FFL C&R. I placed an order with Samco Global Arms.

I was planning on making my purchase with CenterFire Systems but they have been out of the SKS I wanted for a few weeks.

I ordered a *New* condition SKS 59/66A1 and it came with an accessory kit included for $249. CenterFire wanted $239 but I figured with the kit thrown in it was a wash.

I have wanted an SKS for some time now...the ones I have seen at my local gun shop and gun shows in the area always appear to have some real use to them. Either the finish, the barrel or the wood was marked or damaged.

I am excited to see the condition of this gun...that is once I clean all the damn cosmo off it. I have heard that is a rite of passage for any collector of surplus military rifles so I am looking forward to it. (NOT!) I will let you know how my experience with Samco pans out and what I think of the SKS I get when it arrives in the proverbial 7-10 business days.

...that is all.

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  1. Just have to say I really like your Icon, my favorite game was Fallout2...

    Hoping things stay stable long enough that I can waste 60$ on Fallout3 for 360...but that 1,500 .22 shells...or a tank of gas for me in July.

    Nice site by the way, going to try and check out your older posts now.

  2. Thanks...I spent MANY hours playing Fallout and Fallout II. I am sure I will waste even more time if I can swing Fallout III myself. Glad you like the site!

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  4. Clean cosmoline out of SKS at the car wash.

  5. Last Yugo SKS I bought weighed about twice as much as it should have because of all the cosomline. I took it outside and sprayed it down with WD-40 and that cut a lot of the stuff off. Then I took my wallpaper steamer (we've been taking some wallpaper down) and took the flat head off the hose so I just had a small nozel and steam cleaned everything else off of it. Once it was clean, inside and out I hosed it down with gun oil (all the metal parts anyway, plugged the barrel with a rag and poured more oil down it. Next morning I pulled the rag and cleaned up the oil. Pulled the received top off and took the bolt out and apart and cleaned it with a rag, cleaned out the mag cover and checked every where else. Wiped all the excess oil off and let it set. It came out looking brand new. The barrel is very clean and appears unfired. I took it out and put 20 rounds of Wolf ammo through it and other than being dirty at the end it fired/functioned every time. I really like it a lot. I would like it better without the bayonet and grenade launcher but I'm going to leave it bone stock. One of the ones I owned earlier had a scope put on it and a detachable magazine. Never again. This gun is fine with iron sights and 10 round stripper clips.
    P.S. When UPS comes they are going to be looking for an adult to sign for the package. It's not one they will leave on your porch.
    Cliff in Georgia