Monday, June 2, 2008

Equipment Review: Tactical Inc. Hi-Cap Magazines for 10/22

I purchased two 25 round Tactical Inc. magazines for my Ruger 10/22. They make them in aluminum and composite. I opted for the composite ones as they were much cheaper (roughly half at $34.99). I was immediately impressed with their construction.

They are able to be completely disassembled which is great for cleaning. The composite material is tough, very tough and most importantly the feed lips are steel. One HUGE plus is the fact that the magazine is adjustable...we are all familiar with mag rattle for these type of mags...Butler Creek and Jam-Line (er...I mean Ram-Line) come to mind.

The are four set screws on the top of the mag which allow you to custom fit them to you guns mag well. I made my adjustments and the mags were ROCK SOLID...nary a wiggle.

You say great but how do they perform? Well I fired roughly one thousand rounds before the magazine started to gunk up...(.22 is dirty as everyone knows)...I had my first failures to feed at that point. I took the magazine apart and cleaned with a toothbrush in warm soapy water, reassembled them and immediately started shooting again with no issues. I haven't had to clean them again yet but the process takes literally 10 minutes.

These mags are the cat's meow, I have yet to find anything for the 10/22 that even is in the same ballpark. I highly recommend you give Tactical Inc. your business as they make a seriously high quality product.

...that is all.

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  1. Original 10 round mags for the 10/22 can be had for 8 bucks each or even less. You can carry a lot of them loaded in a butt pack and they are quick and easy to change out. Plus, if you lay down you don't have to worry about a magazine sticking out the bottom. Control of the shots being fired is key to making 10 round mags work really well.

  2. I agree, I happen to like the orginal factory mags. I do have a few of these hi-cap mags laying around just incase and I enjoy using them at the range...less rounds to load. If I were going rabbit or squirrel hunting I would stick with the factory mags though. Where have you seen them for $8? I have found them for as little as $12 but never lower. For $8 I would stock up on a bunch of em ;)

  3. I actually picked up 5 of them on clearance at Walmart (sorry) for $8 each. It pays to walk around and see what they have sitting out with clearance prices on it. A few months back I bought boxes of sandbags that are still for sale on the internet at 25 bucks a box plus shipping for 5 bucks per. They are fine just sitting in the box and if I need to fortify I can fill them and stack them and they'll be good in the sunshine for up to 3 or 4 years.