Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dryer Lint...Tinder Of The Gods

I have mentioned before in passing what fantastic tinder dryer lint makes. When my wife does laundry she cleans the dryer vent and places whatever comes out in a large zip lock bag. It does not take much to light it and the burn time on it is surprisingly good. I take some with me whenever I go into the woods, makes starting fires a no brainer even without matches or a lighter. Below is a video of me in the backyard with a small wad of lint. It ignites after the second strike of the fire steel sparking and you can see how well it burns.

Make sure you have all the materials you need to get your fire going including additional tinder and a large pile of kindling. After you have your kindling ignited move up to progressively larger sticks until the fire is really roaring, at that point you should be able to throw any smaller logs you have on the fire without worrying about it going out. The same properties that make dryer lint such good tinder also make it very dangerous in your house. Please make sure to empty your dryers lint trap. Make sure you inspect and clean your dryer vent hose AT LEAST once a year. You would be surprised at how many house fires are caused by a clogged hose and vent.

...that is all.

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  1. Yes, the lint is excellent - perhaps even better than cotton balls and a good way to recycle it rather throwing it out.

    Add a bit of petroleum jelly to the lint and it's a torch.

  2. Great warning about cleaning out the vents! Hopefully this will help someone from suffering a fire at home.

  3. Hey riverwalker, if you want to exchange links on our respective blog rolls let me know...

  4. Lint is great stuff, I shove it in paper egg cartons in the little holes and then pour wax over it to bind them together. Great firestarters for your rocket oven.

    And if you wish, I would be happy to exchange links on blogrolls if you wish.

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