Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bear Vs. Les

I am a big fan of Survivorman (Les Stroud) although I have seen him do some less than intelligent drinking questionable water, forgetting to bait a trap before setting it and cutting himself more than a few times. Watching and listening to this guy Bear Grylls will get you killed. I will be the first to admit I am captivated by Man vs. Wild. I tune in to see what disgusting item is on the menu for the week, I can't help myself. Mr. Grylls has been busted for staying at a hotel when supposedly roughing it in the wild.

Here are some amusing examples on YouTube:
Bear Called Out By Tourists
Here Is His "CREW" (He has a bigger entourage than P. Diddy) - Notice the ropes?
More Hijinks From The Lava Fields Deserted Island Episode...Try Hawaii

You can find these and dozens more as well as some humorous parodies on YouTube. They now show a disclaimer at the beginning of each episode of Man vs. Wild. The reason they have the disclaimer about "certain situations" being presented (READ: staged), so Bear can "educate you" is because they got called out on their shenanigans. If you want to die go right ahead and do what Mr. Grylls does...he routinely climbs 50 foot sheer cliffs because it is "quicker" (He does this with the notion that he isn't using safety line - we know that is not true but your average viewer may think this is a fabulous know the people who enjoy WWE wrestling), eating the rotting corpse of a Zebra sitting out in the midday sun or even better; climbing down a slippery waterfall using only jungle vine. Les Stroud receives support NO DOUBT but at least the guy tries to give sound advice. I have to give Mr. Grylls this; he puts on a hell of a show..but he is a entertainer (not a survival expert) and should be taken as PURE entertainment.

Here are some links:
Bear Grylls Page
Les Strouds Page

Survivorman Series:
Survivorman - Season 1
Survivorman Season 2 (4 DVD Set)

And for entertainment:
Man vs. Wild - Season 1 (6 DVD set)

Let me know what you think of both Bear Grylls and Les Stroud!

...that is all.

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  1. i agree whole-heartedly. any idiot that would tell you to jump in a roaring costa rican river, using a log as flotation(although bear had a pfd)to escape from the forest is insane. however bear was special forces. he doesn't know survival so much, as escape and evasion. in that case, with 100 guerrilla warriors chasing you with fully automatic weapons, it might be a good idea to jump in the river

  2. At the end of the day, survival is about being able to recognize the highest probability of success and taking it. It is also a function of common sense, you tend to stay out of situations where excessive risk must be taken to survive.

    If you are in a situation where jumping off a cliff into a river is your best bet, there is a good chance that you have made a serious error in judgement earlier on.

    These kind of shows are great entertainment, I actually enjoyed both of them (in the case of both shows N<5) but Bear is more entertainment than reality.

  3. I would rather listen to les for advice. Sure he is a hippie but at least his advice makes sense and won't get you killed.

  4. I enjoy Survivorman much more. Bear just annoys me with his stupidity.

    Les has a show that's being shown on the new "green" channel about living off grid, as well. Its also on You tube in like 11 parts.

    An interesting watch, but it gets a little ridiculous when they start helicoptering in building supplies, lol.

    I suppose I lost a wee bit of respect for Les after seeing that part of the show. That's not something everyday people can afford, which is part of what his whole idea was. He couldn't pay to have a $7K well dug, but helo supplies in? sure...

  5. Les's newer show online is more practical for us (building an off-the grid, remote house) than any Survivorman.

  6. One is for entertainment purposes only, the other has basic skills that are at least practical. Les's new show is far better IMHO