Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Wal-Mart Method Of Hoarding Ammo...

Note: I didn't come up with has floating around quite a while.

Damn I hate to keep mentioning Wally World in all my posts but I have a large one about a mile from the house... The wife an I made a run to the store for some assorted goods. I immediately made a bee-line to sporting goods and got a box of Federal .22lr "Value Pack" (550 rounds) ammo.

It cost me a $11 and some change; I do this pretty much everytime I set foot in the store. I usually don't notice the extra 10-15 bucks added to the bill and by doing this I have quickly accumulated 6,000+ rounds of .22lr.

Once in a while I switch up and grab a box of Winchester White Box 9mm Luger (100 rounds), I now have 1,100 rounds of that as well. Long story short...that is the famed "Wal-Mart method" of ammo hoarding ;)

...that is all.

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  1. Only problem I have with hoarding Walmart style is that most of the ammo is behind the counter and they require you to pay at the gun counter for the ammo. Writing that seperate check makes me very aware of the money being spent and takes the joy out of buying that way. Now, they usually have shotshells sitting on endcaps and I just toss a few boxes in the buggy as I go by and they end up being my "Walmart hoard".
    By the by, went to a gun show last weekend and except for the stuff being sold by Georgia Arms, the ammo was actually more expensive than Walmart, especially when you factor in the drive there and the 8 bucks to get in.

  2. We may be on opposite sides of the country but I do like your style.
    I will give credit to Jim at Bison Survival for givin' me the link.
    You are Bookmarked and I'll be checkin' in on ya,


  3. Awesome Busted! Glad you enjoy my ranting.

  4. If I can find the Federal Bulk packs here in Alaska, they'er $24.95, and the 525 count box. Wal-Mart stopped selling the Federal Bulk packs. Some big-box stores have the Remington bulk packs. My experience with the Remington bulk packs is that I get many more miss-fires. Oh well...

    Buy when you can, cause they just might not be available.

    John in Anchorage...

  5. I've heard that Wal-Mart has been reporting all ammo sells to the federal government for "pattern studies," so the feds can track customer demographics for some unknown reason.

  6. Hey, I heard about that one too. It's probably best to stick to the trusty gun store . . . even though they are EXPENSIVE!!!

  7. Not a problem in kalifornia
    hunting for any ammo.
    NOT AVAILABLE, OUT OF STOCK. shelf is empty.
    7 out of 7 stores, no ammo.
    april 2009 LA basin. 50 mile radius.
    Militia of Kalifornia.

  8. you are the one of the fucking idiots that are making it impossible to find ammo. I bet you are also one of the same dipshits that filled up their tank everytime you drove past a gas station. fuckin retard

  9. Mom? Is that you?


  10. Mom,

    You should really take your medication. That is why the Dr. gave it to you to keep from making an ass of yourself.

    Meds = good.

    Also can you make some of my favorite Ziti this weekend.

    Love you.