Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Generator

The wife and I bit the bullet and picked up a new generator from Home Depot. We live in the Southeast and hurricane season starts June 1st.

We selected a Coleman Powermate 5000. It has a Subaru engine in it which was one of the reasons why I picked this particular model. Peak wattage is 6250 watts, 6 gallon gas tank, low oil shutoff and low noise (under 78 db) were some other reasons we selected this one as well. Damage: Just under 6 bills.

I plan to do a review on this bad boy but some initial impressions: Not terribly heavy, my wife and I can pick it up if we need to. Nice heavy wheels - makes moving it around fairly easy. Filled it with gas and oil and she started on the 3rd pull. I left the gas tank full - threw in 2 ounces of gas stabilizer. I also bought three 5 gallon gas containers which I promptly filled and threw gas stabilizer in as well. I have several long extension cords as well as the convenience cable the generator came with. I think I am set in the temporary power area should we loose power for a few days or even a week.

My plan is to run the refrigerator, a few lights and fans as well as any miscellaneous items for about 10-12 hours per day - no where near 100% load so the gas should last. If you cool your refrigerator for that period and keep the door shut everything should stay cool just fine.

TIP: Take the generator out once a month and run it for 5 minutes. Helps keep everything lubed and will aid in preventing hard starts.

Remember: NEVER run a generator indoors as you will likely die from carbon monoxide poisoning.

...that is all.

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