Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Humble Arsenal....

I am a firm believer that everyone should own at least one gun. Please understand I am not a gun nut by any stretch of the imagination. I have several guns but I am not someone who has 14 different AR's or AK's in as many configurations. I don't have 50,000 rounds of ammo or $600 Eotech sights. I do have some practical weapons that I have purchased with a few more on the "wish list".

Currently I have the following:
Ruger 10/22 in a Hogue overmolded stock with a Simmons scope and a Walmart sling.
Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm
Hi-Point C9 9mm
Walther P22
Smith and Wesson Model 22A

Wish list:
I will be hitting the Charleston Gun Show this weekend and hopefully walk out with a Mossberg 500. My final purchases will be an SKS when I finally get my C&R FFL and MAYBE a Remington 700 OR a Marlin 336. I haven't made up my mind on the bolt or the lever action gun just yet.

I have approximately 5000 rounds of .22 lr and about 1000 rounds of 9mm. I am going to try to get around the 10,000 round mark and I think that will be good. I am mostly hedging against rising prices, not trying to start a 3rd world insurrection.

I am going to break down my choice of weapons here for you into why I chose them and what their intended purpose will be:

Ruger 10/22 - Great varmint rifle. This is a tack driver and can certainly help put some squirrels or birds on the dinner table.

S&W M&P 9mm - This is my self-defense sidearm

Hi-Point C9 9mm - Junk gun. Good for the price. Strictly a backup or a hand over to someone else in my party if needed.

Walther P22 - This gun is for my wife. Load it with some CCI Mini-Mags and it will hurt you if she unloads it on your ass ;)

S&W Model 22A - Target plinker, my first gun actually. Used for practice. Backup for my wife in a pinch.

Mossberg 500 - If you have one gun make it a shottie. Multiple uses, configurable and nothing else says "Get the fuck off my property..." quite as good.

SKS - Main battle rifle for me.

Remington 700 or Marlin 336 - Intermediate game gun. Look at keeping as few calibers as possible. I have entirely 9mm and .22 now with the addition of the Shottie and one or two other guns I would like to keep it to 4 or so calibers if possible. Makes buying easier - always cheaper in bulk. I am also an NRA member. I don't always agree with them but they do an admirable job trying to protect our 2nd amendment rights.

...that is all.

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  1. I have to, just have to, comment on your arsenal. As for the High Point 9mm, that's not a junk gun at all. It's an inexpensive handgun but it's quality made and will go boom every time you pull the trigger. I visited my local gunshop (Adventure Outdoors) and picked up a used carbine in 40 S&W as well as a new 40 S&W pistol. They share the same magazines, each holding 10 rounds. They are both deadly accurate and fun to shoot (the pistol is not all that concealable though) and the best part is I left with both weapons and 50 rounds of ammo for less than 300 bucks, tax included.

  2. Yeah take what I said with a grain of salt. I am actually a Hi-Point fan. I have the 9c and a friend has the Carbine. I like the gun, I am just not sure I would trust my life with it. I would definitly use it as a trunk gun or range toy. They do have fantastic customer service though...is your Hi-Point picky with ammo? Mine does not like Blazers for some reason....

  3. So far both the carbine and the pistol will eat anything I feed it. I've run through about 100 rounds of Hornady home defense ammo, a couple of hundred rounds of Winchester white box and 50 rounds of Georgia Arms and have yet to have a FTF. Right after I bought the firearms I called up High Point and orders extra magazines and a butt carrier for the carbine. I also got a compensator for the carbine and it makes a big difference. I wouldn't carry the pistol on a day to day basis since it's heavy and bulky but wouldn't hesitate to grab it out of the nightstand if needed. If I'm carrying it I'm betting my life on it and I firmly believe that it'll deliver.

  4. My main advice to you is to get another M&P as backup. Another 9C makes sense, or maybe a 40C with a conversion barrel for 9mm.

    I might consider a Saiga over the SKS and a Mossberg wirh extra barrels for hunting and defense..

    I might consider upgrading the Walther to a Ruger SR22, and in getting a 22 revolver. Can shoot any 22... Taurus 990/992, Ruger Single Six, etc.

    A backup 22 rifle.... 10/22 TD ( take down)

    My only last thought might be to get in addition, or to replace the dupe M&P maybe a Ruger Blackhawk in .38, .357, 9mm combo.