Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How To Survive The Coming Apocalypse (Preface)

Hey folks, I figured I would start a series of articles on the most basic preparations you would need to survive whatever your disaster of choice is. The series will consist of:

1.) Food
2.) Water
3.) Shelter
4.) Energy
5.) Defense

I will post a new entry in the series every Wednesday for the next five weeks.

These five items make up the most basic of survival strategies. If you do the most basic of preparation in each of these areas you will be in good shape for the short term and easily be ahead of most of the population in term of preparation.

These suggestions won’t require huge sums of money…but you may need to spend a few bucks if you have been a lazy bastard about this.

Reminder: Hurricane season starts on June 1st for those of you lucky enough to live in areas affected by that sort of thing…like me ;)

...that is all.

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