Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gun Show - Charleston, SC May 31st, 2008

Well, I just got back from the gun show...same shit different day.

I went there to try and get a shotgun. I wanted either a Remington 870 or a Mossberg 500...just a regular shoutgun not some fucking SWAT special. Not one to be found, actually I did find a Remington 870 Express but it was the Magnum model which I don't want.

There were the usual suspects there charging outrageous prices for piece of shit guns. I was tempted by a Marlin 336W in 30-30 I saw new in the box for $299 but I felt the stock was cheap. I would rather wait and get the 336C.

I did pick up a Barska 3-9x 42mm scope for my 10-22. I also grabbed a couple of the .30 ammo cans for $3 each. My final purchase was 500 rounds 0f 9mm 115 grain FMJ Wolf ammo for $85. The ammo price wasn't bad, about what I could get it for on the Internet minus the shipping.

The best part of these shows is the food..they have a kick ass BBQ platter for $8 bucks I get everytime I go.

FUCK...I really wanted a shotgun. Guess I will just have to bite the bullet and visit one of the over-priced gun stores we have in this area.

...that is all.

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  1. I want to talk about shotguns for a second. It was about 3 months before Y2K and I decided I needed a pump shotgun. I really like the sound the pump makes when you rack the first round and there is no doubt in the mind of a bad guy, if he is coming in your house, as to what he just heard so pump is the bomb. Anyway, little woman (bigger than me) said she wasn't shooting a 12 gauge. I don't get pleasure out of a 12 gauge either. Anyhow, was at Walmart, walked up to the gun counter and there was my Remington dream 20 gauge youth model. Short, not tactical looking, holds 5 rounds since it comes with the mag stopper out and smooth as silk. Bought 100 rounds of #6 shot and brought it home and mom and I stood out back and chopped in to trees with it. She loved it, it was easy to use and easy to load and fun to shoot. It sits with 5 00 buck shells in a side carrier and the best part was that it was only $200 bucks, tax and side carrier included. Walmart won't sell you ammo at the same time you buy a gun from them and they insist on walking you to your car. I didn't tell them that I was carrying a 38 and didn't need an escort but it was still a fun trip. Anyway, even though it's probably not the best for everyone, Walmart won this hand.

  2. That is funny. When I bought my 10/22 they did the same thing...walked me to my car. Hey nothing wrong with a 20 gauge youth model for the little woman. If that is what she can safely and comfortably handle more power to her!

  3. What the hell is the matter with the Magnum Express? It's a Wingmaster! It will shoot both 2&3/4" and 3" shells. I have one sitting beside me as I type. Works like a charm. If you wanted a Wingmaster you passed up on an opportunity to get one. Try ChinaMart and see what their prices are. Best damn home defense weapon on the planet.

    I like your love affair with the 10-22. Another damn good weapon for the serious prepper. I keep about 10,000 rounds on hand just in case.

    Get your Wingmaster and then buy a couple of cases of 00 Buck for your security program.

    Look around for a piece of dirt in the country. It is so much more secure AND rewarding. But being in a large town or a city is not going to do you a damn bit of good when the SHTF. Rioters and Freebooters are not nice people and will mess up your life in a heartbeat.

    Your articles show promise but leave some avenues of thought untouched. Keep prepping and watching the news.


  4. No nothing wrong with the Magnum model...just not what I wanted. Remington makes fantastic shotguns. I just get my mind on something and I just stick with it.

    Funny you should mention the piece of dirt in the country, me and the little woman have been looking. Just need to find something that fits with what my plans are.

    Hey thanks for visiting!! I am a fairly new writer so I agree, I may be a bit rough around the edges. I am sure that will get better as I write.

    I WILL GET MY SHOTGUN...just a matter of time ;)