Friday, May 30, 2008


You may remember I posted that I had applied for a FFL C&R license a while back.

Well...(drum roll please) it is here!!!! It would have been six weeks as of tomorrow 5/31/08. Not to bad actually, I was expecting to have to wait for months. I guess our friends at the BATF either like me or they are getting their crap in order.

Hurray for me!

My first puchase will most likely be the SKS I have mentioned many times in my posts. Well off to make copies and contact dealers...wish me luck!

...that is all.

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1 comment:

  1. Reference your note about waiting to get your C&R to buy an SKS. I've had my C&R for over 10 years and have purchased Yugo SKS's from SOG and Century. Last week went to the gun show and picked one up and even though they wouldn't put it on my C&R and I had to fill out the paperwork, it was actually a few dollars less than SOG or Century, I got to pick the one I wanted, and since I paid cash they forgot about the tax and also threw in a couple of boxes of bullets. Saved the shipping cost too. C&R leaves exactly the same kind of paper trail as does the regular paperwork.